Monday, August 31, 2009

Arc de Triomphe du Caroussel- TWO THINGS CHALLENGE Arch/Road

Looking toward la Louvre

The Arc de Triomphe du Carroussel built in 1806 commemorates Napolean's military victories of the previous year. It was originally topped by the famous horses of Saint Mark's Cathedral in Venice. Napolean lifted those as a little souvenir of his victory. Alas, they were returned to Venice in 1816 and a likeness made by Baron Francois Joseph Bosio. The Arc orginally stood in front of the Palais des Tuileries until it burned in 1870.

This Arch de Triomphe du Carroussel probably pales in comparison to the larger and more famous one, the Arc de Triomphe, found on the western end of the Champs Élysées at the Place de l'Étoile. I personally find this one at the entrance of le Jardins des Tuileries more approachable ( you don't have to risk being run over by speeding cars converging from 12 busy avenues ) and much easier to photograph. Last June, Peter and I had the opportunity to do an evening photo shoot here. The storm clouds were gathering but we were fortunate that they passed us by. The dark skies made for some rather interesting photos however.

As some of you know, I drift in and out of the TWO THINGS CHALLENGE, mainly because my short term memory is shot and I can't keep up. I do love the bloggers that participate so I am proud to post my second entry in two weeks. (I think I'm on a roll, but the jury's still out.) That said, the challenge this week is ARCH/ ROAD. I'm pushing it as always. I have the ARCH/ARC covered and I'll just let the Champs Élysées be my ROAD! To see how other bloggers interpret this theme click here.

View from les Jardins des Tuileries

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Les Chapeaux

Many thanks to Karen for this link that goes right along with my chapeaux today!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

At the Medici Fountain

Ahh, the famous Medici Fountain at Luxembourg Gardens is something you must see. I regret I don't have a great shot of the entire fountain and pool. It was hard to elbow my way through the throngs of tourists that wanted their photo taken in FRONT of it! (WHY???) Well, I found the people seated all around it, enjoying the beautiful day, very interesting. Today a few portraits as well!

French Strangers # 37-38

The ever changing banner photo is now the Palais Royal Metro station. It's a favorite of mine. Those of you that know me well, understand that I like to keep things moving around my blogs. Stay alert.... you might miss something!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Afternoon in Nogent sur Seine

Le Vieux Bateau

La Corde á Linge

What a beautiful little town on the Seine this was in the French countryside. Today a sampling, but I have more to share.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Show of Hands.....Window Shopping at the Palais Royal

I couldn't decide today!

An entire shop of fabulous leather gloves??? Oh, I want every one of them!
La sigh

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mélange of Paris Portraits!

A little collection of portraits that makes me smile. Enjoy!

The Pigeon Feeder

Just like in this photograph, my friend Peter spent a lot of time waiting for me to take many photos. A portrait of him that I like very much . Merci mon ami.
( Le Pantheon)

It's Paris after all !
(Palais Royal)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Les Églises

Église Saint Eustache

Over the summer, I visited an amazing number of churches and cathedrals all over France. Today two very different ones. The top is Église Saint Eustache in Paris near Les Halles. The bottom is simply Église Bray sur Seine. One very ornate, the other a simple village church. Both beautiful places of worship.

Since I have an extensive collection of French churches now, each Sunday ( dimanche) I will share some with you.

Église Bray sur Seine

Friday, August 21, 2009

Le Tour de France......The Sequel

Bleu et un vélo

Rouge et un vélo
( SURELY a baby doesn't ride on that front seat!)

Pigeon et un vélo
( Don't let the pigeon ride the bike! My grandchildren will understand)

Apparently while I was busy photographing doors, strangers, everything rouge or bleu, etc. I picked up yet another fetish........ scooters and bikes. So here you go!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Light a Candle

All three of these images are from the *oldest church in Paris, Saint-Germain- des- Prés. Dating from the 6th Century, this is just a beautiful church in the 6th arrondissement.

* This is according to the website: Sacred Destinations. I understand that there are differing opinions regarding the oldest church in Paris. You decide.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Is It? Where Is It? - Paris Puzzle V Solved....Château de Malmaison

Well I finally stumped the Francophiles! This gorgeous floor can be found at Château de Malmaison. Located 12km from Paris, in Rueil-Malmaison, it was the country home of Josephine deBeauharnais. She purchased the run down château for over 300,000 francs while Napoléon was off fighting the Egyptian Campaign. Apparently he wasn't any too pleased that she had spent such a sum, so to make matters worse, she spent a fortune renovating and turning it into the lovely home and gardens we see today. It's worth the trip. Exquisitely decorated inside and outside the gardens are just beautiful. And the best part? Not a tourist stop apparently. It was a delightful morning spent touring without the throngs.

My thanks to David Draper for pointing us to this beautiful place. David, I hope I did it justice!

Napolean slept here!

Monday, August 17, 2009


An American in Paris!
( My thanks to Janet for tipping me off to this guy when we were all shooting together)

Back in June I featured the pétanque players at Luxembourg Gardens. Well on my return to Paris in July, I was lucky enough to meet the chess players there as well. It is serious business , so I tried to be really quiet ( oh I hear your snickers) so as not to be shooed away! Today is the first of a two day series. Remember...... ssshhhhh!

Scroll down, there's a new What Is It? Where Is It? Paris Puzzle below. There is still time to make a wild and crazy guess before the results on Mercredi!

La Coincidence?

August, 2009

Opera Garnier
November, 2008

LOOK BELOW........There's another WHAT IS IT? WHERE IS IT?
Big prize for the correct guess on this tough one!! :)

Paris Puzzle V- What Is It? Where Is It?

OK, you Francophiles out there have been way too sharp , so today I'm ratcheting up the difficulty factor. I'm so sure you will never guess this, I'm even opening it up to all the French bloggers as well. How about that?? The deadline is Mercredi. Let the games begin!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

100 French Strangers - The Waiters

Anyone still wondering WHY I love Paris???
French Stranger #34

French Stranger #35

Drawing pictures for our 4 year old endeared him to our lunch group!
French Stranger #36

You didn't think I'd run out did you??? Heavens, I've got quite a few left in the can. Aujourd hui, some delightful French waiters and a maitre d'. Oh la la !

Check out my friend Janet's blog, DC Confidential, for a rather humorous photo documenting our trek to the dome of the Sacre Coeur a few weeks ago.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Takes Two to Tango!

Back in July, Peter and I wandered along the Seine one night to see the tango dancers. My new friend in Paris, Meredith Mullins, had given us the skinny on when and where to find it all. IT's not all that well known so we were thrilled to have the inside scoop. Oh my, it was just as she had described. Dancers from all over Paris gather informally to dance the summer night away. There's a DJ of sorts that plays music on a glorified "boom box". Not being dancers ourselves ( an understatement I think) , Peter and I marveled at their expertise. I had camera problems that night so I only have these two shots to share. For once I was able to put my camera away and just enjoy this wonderful spectacle. Peter had a more prolific evening , so I again link to his blog, Peter's Paris, so you can enjoy his great collection of tango photos. Ohhhh la la!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paris Bleu II

Photography Exhibit, l'Orangerie - Luxembourg Gardens

Boys will be boys!

I thought a little Paris bleu might be in order today. Am I still bleu about leaving? MAIS OUI!!
As an extra special treat I've got Nat King Cole singing "Azure Te" for you today.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

La Conversation

As Marley would say, " Let the photo do the talking."
Taken in Provins, France this is one of my very, very favorite photographs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night Views From the Pont Neuf

A week or so ago, Maya, Janet, Peter and I walked across the Pont Neuf on our way to the Louvre. The top photo is the famous Samaritaine. Built in 1869 this was once a posh shopping spot with a terrific view of Paris from it's rooftop café. It has been closed since 2005 for "safety reasons". There's been quite a bit of speculation about that and apparently the owners want to use the property for upscale shops, offices, a luxury hotel and include 2,400 sq.m for social housing. I think that idea has caused a bit of a Parisian "stir"!

The bottom photo is just a smidgen of Paris Plages (beaches) . The city of Paris has turned long stretches along the Seine into beaches, complete with sand, outdoor cabanas, and even some water features. Click on the link to see all the terrific events taking place. The French can take a theme and run with it can't they!!! I am still wondering WHY I didn't investigate this more and take more photos. Excusez moi !!!

Laurent's Daily Photos in Paris has more great shots of Paris Plages for you on his blog.

15 Minutes of Fame!
Some of my Paris photographs are now featured on a new online magazine, Norwizzle!
I will also be doing some photography work for them from time to time. Check it out!!!

Oh happy day! I have all my luggage and all's right with the world!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Just Going to Rest My Eyes

Been there and wanted to do just that!
( The Pantheon)

Perhaps a little too much vin with lunch?

My luggage has turned up in Nashville and will be here by noon today!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dinner on rue Mouffetard

Rue Mouffetard, in the 5th arrondissement, is just blocks from where we stayed in Paris.  It's just the most charming place.  Cobblestone streets, a daily street market, incredibly interesting looking characters and many,  many restaurants and cafes to choose from.  I could have taken photographs there every single day and most days I did!  We sat outside one night last week and had dinner. The top photo was taken looking down the street.  The bottom photo is our cute waitress and her friend having a little smoke break.  

We'll take a "day trip" down rue Mouffetard sometime soon.