Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Église Saint Sulpice

Église Saint Sulpice may sound familiar. It played a major role in The Da Vinci Code.  It is currently undergoing major exterior refurbishing.  It's a beautiful church to visit. Thanks to my friend Mary Gilbert who made sure I got inside to see it.

In Loving Memory

Ceiling Details

Exterior Repairs


100 French Strangers at Faire aux Antiquaires- Saint Sulpice

Monsieur's remarkable Eiffel Tower made from pinecone seed scales was something to see. 
I really wanted it, but how to get it home?
100 French Strangers Challenge -# 19

100 French Strangers #20
I liked this lovely lady's pose and her reflection in the mirror

Her cute coat matched the chairs she was selling!
100 French Strangers #21

Monday, June 29, 2009

Madames et Monsieurs, We Have a Winner!!

Well I think I might have potential as a game show host in my future!  This has been a lot of fun.  We do indeed have a winner to my latest "What Is It? Where Is It?.................our very own Dusty Lens has done it again.  He correctly guessed the *Pont d'Arcole.   DL, your fabulous prizes are mounting up my friend.  We also have a runner up this time, my former student Rip.  Rip is just going into 6th grade and I think if you read his comment you can see he did an excellent job researching the photo.  As a new "Shades Cahaba alumna" Rip will also get a prize.  BTW, Rip was in my class when I went to Paris for the first time.  He endured many many viewings of my Paris movie and endless photos, tales etc.  I went in March of 2007 and Rip and his family went in May of that year. We are both hopeless Francophiles as is the rest of his family. Congrats to DL and Rip!  

Watch for the next contest. I have one ready to post in the next few days.  

* A very special thanks to Meredith Mullins for verifying the correct bridge for me.

Doorways of Paris

You knew that more Paris doorways would make an appearance eventually.  Voilà!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is It??? Where Is It??? Part 2

Last week's contest was over in a hurry. Well I'm ratcheting up the difficulty now so we'll separate the true Francophiles from the "wannabees"!ha   Most of you will get part of this right away, but there's a catch.  You must tell us WHAT it is and WHERE it is! You may make your guesses in the comments section,  and the winner will be revealed Monday sometime. That will give more Frenchies a chance to play. Remember, a fabulous prize awaits you.  I imagine Dusty Lens has been waiting on his porch for the mailman every day. Let the game begin!

* Peter, Laurent, and all of you other French bloggers out there, sorry you can't compete. That just wouldn't be fair now would it???  

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Welcoming Hands

This series of sculptures is close to my heart. I first saw one of them on a blog in 2007,  soon after I came home from my first trip to Paris.  When I returned last November I searched  the Jardins des Tuileries but never found them.  Luckily, my friend Peter located them and did a post  and photographed them when he featured all of the Tuileries sculptures!  When we met for our night shoot a few weeks ago, he took me to the very spot before it got dark.  All I can say is that they are as beautiful as I had imagined .  In my opinion, they are some of the most beautiful sculptures I have found in Paris. The artist , Louise Bourgeois, has created this amazing installation.  I asked him to be my "model" so that you could get a sense of their size.  If you are fortunate enough to visit the gardens , you will find them  on the upper level overlooking the Place de la Condorde. I've changed my banner photo to give you a sense of where they are located.  Merci Peter!

Pétanque at the Palais Royal


Earlier I posted some photos of some gentlemen at Jardins du Luxembourg that showed me the ropes of pétanque here.  I heard from a reader that has the Pétanque America blog.  Check  out his blog to find more information on the game.  The evening we spent at the Palais Royal with our Birmingham friends, I walked up on this cute group playing as the sun set.  They were equally as spirited but added a new "accessory" in the other hand! 

Apparently the Heineken is a new pétanque accessory for the younger set.

100 French Strangers  #14, 15, 16, 17, and 18

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Is It??? Where Is It???

For all you Francophiles out there, you know who you are,  I have a little contest for you. Today's photo is your clue.  What is it and where is it?  The winner will get about 2 dozen Paris photos that I can't seem to unload.  Well seriously, I'll send you something, maybe an Eiffel Tower keychain!! :)  BTW, Peter and Laurent, and all bloggers from France, sorry you are disqualified because you are  OVER qualified for this contest.:)  May the best Frenchie win.  If you're a big fat loser this time, don't fret, I have more.

The first person to email me with the correct answer will be our winner and I'll run the photograph showing it in its entirety shortly thereafter.


Paris Mélange III

Eglise Saint Sulpice

Paris Tees

Jardin d'Acclimatation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paris Rouge II

Stairway - la Cite de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine

Aux Marches du Palais
vin rouge - Peter's choice was a fine one.
( One of my most favorite meals!)

Café Heaters / Red Awning

Red Shutters For Sale
Faire aux Antiquaires - Place Saint Sulpice

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jet Lag!

Palais Royal

rue Mouffetard
Walking back home to the apartment late one night.

Musée du  Louvre

Today we "jumped the pond" and arrived in Birmingham at about 5:30 pm.  Yes, I'm still up and approaching 24 hours. I'll crash momentarily but wanted you to know that from now, till I return to France in July, I will just be posting 3-4 assorted photos a day. Tonight? Well who knows what I'll pick.  We had a wonderful month in France, the children were troopers and Melissa and I were most of the time! ha Thank you all for following our travels. It has been a wonderful experience sharing it with you from day to day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Au Revoir !

La Port Montains

Tomorrow we leave for home. It has been a wonderful 4 weeks. I will be returning to Paris around July 11th and then to Fontaine-Fourches again on the 17th for two weeks of my photography workshop. I will continue to post on this blog so keep visiting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Marche du Vendredi

Like a kid in a candy store!
The children have loved these candy shops. We had one just like it on rue Mouffetard. They get a pink stiped sack and you scoop your own candy.

Today we loaded the van with happy campers and headed to nearby Bray sur Seine for the Marche du Vendredi. What fun we had strolling the streets of yet another quaint village and seeing what they had to offer. I hope my photos will make you feel like you were along for the ride.

Today is my One Year Birthday at Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo. Run on over and have a piece of birthday cake!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

La Cathédrale de Sens

Wednesday we traveled to Sens. This quaint town is home to the beautiful Cathédrale de Sens. One of the earliest Gothic churches it was begun in 1140 and completed in the 16th century. It is is undergoing some major exterior renovation at this time. We also toured the Musées de Sens. Photos from that and our walk around town to follow!

La Cathédrale de Sens