Monday, August 17, 2009


An American in Paris!
( My thanks to Janet for tipping me off to this guy when we were all shooting together)

Back in June I featured the pétanque players at Luxembourg Gardens. Well on my return to Paris in July, I was lucky enough to meet the chess players there as well. It is serious business , so I tried to be really quiet ( oh I hear your snickers) so as not to be shooed away! Today is the first of a two day series. Remember...... ssshhhhh!

Scroll down, there's a new What Is It? Where Is It? Paris Puzzle below. There is still time to make a wild and crazy guess before the results on Mercredi!


Karen said...

Great shots. I love the colors. I really must upgrade my camera for my trip. Lately my photos look so flat. Has to be the camera, right? :=]

Thérèse said...

I love it, them... all of the pictures you took and take. Enough for today, right? lol

Virginia said...

I like to say it's not the equipment, it's the photographer but that's not always the case. I think my photography got better when I 1. Bought an SLR
2. Learned how to use the darn thing 3. Practiced, practiced, practiced................

Bettina said...

Finally I'm able to leave a comment - blogger wouldn't "allow" me before now :-(

As I already told you (on Peters blog) I just love your Paris photos, because i'm a real Paris freak myself.

I can't believe that you're a friend of Meredith Mullins ;-) I bought her book a while ago and I absolutely adore it.

How often do you go to Paris ? I go there 2-3 times a year. I would just love to meet up with you some day.

Virginia said...

Well I'm thrilled you've hopped over from Peter's blog for a visit. I went 3 times this year but that was a big ole fluke! I can't stay away long. You leave some of your heart there when you leave you know! Meredith is a delight to know. I LOVE her book "In a Paris Moment". It was a privilege to do some photography with her. She took my profile photo! Come back anytime.

Merci Thérèse! I am especially thrilled when my French friends like my photos. You've seen it all first hand so it's a real compliment.