Friday, August 14, 2009

Paris Bleu II

Photography Exhibit, l'Orangerie - Luxembourg Gardens

Boys will be boys!

I thought a little Paris bleu might be in order today. Am I still bleu about leaving? MAIS OUI!!
As an extra special treat I've got Nat King Cole singing "Azure Te" for you today.


Lowell said...

Terrific series. Now you've made me bleu!

alice said...

Is it the gate of a shop on the first one?

Starman said...

The boy looks like the Manneken Pis in Bruxelles.

Rip said...

My parents said they enjoyed lunch with you! Wish I could've come! :(
Darn school just interferes with everything!

Karen said...

I love the bleu in Paris. I took lots of bleu photos and plan to take a gazillion more in October.
I really love the photo in your header.. Beautiful.