Friday, August 28, 2009

Les Chapeaux

Many thanks to Karen for this link that goes right along with my chapeaux today!!


Maya said...

LOVE this post!!

Blind Fly Theater said...

Are hats worn by all ages of Parisian men? I have always wished the era of stylish hats for men would return to the US.

Karen said...

Nice. There were no straw hats to be seen in December and I'm sure there won't be many in October so thanks for posting them here.
A bit of synchronicity. I posted this video to my Facebook yesterday and tried to forward it to you. Don't think it went so here's the youtube link. C'est un Chapeau

Virginia said...

Merci Karen. I've added it to my post today!

David, I saw old and young in these hats this summer. I love them!


-K- said...

Two really nice shots. I love his expression, weary but not cynical.