Monday, August 24, 2009

A Mélange of Paris Portraits!

A little collection of portraits that makes me smile. Enjoy!

The Pigeon Feeder

Just like in this photograph, my friend Peter spent a lot of time waiting for me to take many photos. A portrait of him that I like very much . Merci mon ami.
( Le Pantheon)

It's Paris after all !
(Palais Royal)


PeterParis said...

You photos make me smile as well! I cannot recall waiting that much though; I remember more easily our long pauses, over a meal, a glass of wine...!

Maya said...

These are all great! Peter was such a dear to wait around for us.

alice said...

Ahhh, Peter is so sweet (is that word correct? I do hope!)

Daryl said...

ah Peter .. I love the bowtie!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. All are charming, but I like Peter's the best.

Virginia said...

Looks like Peter is picking up what I call "Peter Groupies" on my blog as well! Well deserved.

Ahh I must agree with that.... but let's add bubbles to that list.

Daryl, actually not a bow tie but it does look like it.

We know what you mean!

A very patient man indeed. He put up with a lot of our foolishness didn't he!

Harriet said...

Love the photo of Peter. Well done!

Starman said...

Who am I to be different; I, too, like the picture of Peter very much.

Unknown said...

Really nice set ob b&w portraits! I guess you had a great guide over there! :-)

Karen said...

I love the black and white portraits and especially Peter. Is he wearing blue jeans? He is a most patient Paris guide.

Virginia said...

How fun that you all enjoyed these portraits, especially Peter's. I'm very sure he has enjoyed your nice comments as have I! Perhaps I need to dig around for more portraits of him to share! I think it's increased my viewers! :)

Harriet said...

Interesting banner. This example of "urban art" could almost be a sub-type of trompe l'oeil.

That other graffiti stuff hurts my eyes!

from cali said...

The black & white photos are stunning, Ms. V. Nice photo of Peter.
I very much enjoy your work.

Blind Fly Theater said...

Magnificent B&W's, Virginia... and the one of Peter is stunning, the subtle fading contrasts especially!

Rob Castro said...

wonderful portfolio :-)

... i checked your other blog but seems it is no longer there :(

take care - rob