Thursday, August 6, 2009

When the Going Gets Tough......

French Strangers 30 and 31
the tough head off to their favorite Sicilian restuarant, l'Isola for dinner!! Once I got back to my neighborhood yesterday and got my wits about me, I strolled down to the Mouffetard area and had veau citron at my favorite place. I even topped it off with a fabulous dessert of panna cotta with a divine raspberry sauce and some expresso. Things could be worse!

Just noticed I had a Paris Rouge theme going today without even trying!

Posted by PicasaFrench Stranger #32 - The friendly street musician

And in honor of Chuck Pefley's 63 Birthday
French Stranger #33 on a very fine red scooter!!!


Julie said...

Does the YSL in the final image know that you only want him for his scooter - nae, not even ... but for the colour of his scooter!!!

Virginia said...

Oui, Im all about la rouge!!! He never knew!ha

Janet Kincaid said...

Look at you making lemons out of lemonade. Well done, my friend! And good call on laying low for a day. Might as well. What have you got to lose?

Jean Spitzer said...

Beautiful series of photos. Looks like dinner was restorative.

Daryl said...

Dinner sounds dee-vine .. and those two handsome surly looking gentlemen .. they look fine too!

Virginia said...

THey actually were very smiley in most of the photos but I liked this shot best for some reason. I caught them "not looking" and thought the composition was better. Dinner was deeevine.

Actually I was making veau citron out of lemons! HA Sorry we didn't get to dine here. IT was a favorite of the workshop crowd and Peter had the same dish and also agreed.

Chuck Pefley said...

Ah, one of the venerable PX series Vespa. This rider looks pleased to have you photograph him -:)

Thanks for your birthday wishes, V!

Harriet said...

I was going to ask if you directed the pose of the French men in the first photo. C'est parfait. I love the touch of blue with all the black and white.

And I love the rouge!

I'm writing the name of this restaurant down in my little black Paris book.

Starman said...

Poor baby, still "stuck" in Paris?

Virginia said...

Tried again to eat at your restaurant but they opened too late for me tonight. I know exactly where it is for my next trip!

Jean , Thanks, glad you like them.

Chuck, Hope you had a good b'day!

Starman, Still stuck but maybe tomorrow, oui?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Virgina, thanks for visiting my blog, wow that was quick. It is a pleasure to meet new people, especially those who love Paris! Seems that you had a fabulous time, especially with Peter..his blog is amazing. I love his photos, and the way he writes.

I am off to Paris again in 14 days, I am going to apartment and cat sit for 9 days, and this is all through the trip back in April :-) and my friends I made back then are all going to be in Paris too, which will be fun.

marley said...

Red-o-rama! I've been showing red post boxes the last few days so I guess its spreading!

Maya said...

As usual, your stranger and red shots amaze me. Great scooter shot for Chuck!