Monday, June 1, 2009

The Paris Flea Market

So what else would photobloggers take pictures of ????

Well bless Peter's heart. He willingly accompanied me to the Paris Flea Market today. Miles and miles of stalls with everything from tables of silver to tacky Paris tee shirts. I've never seen such an assortment! I didn't buy a thing but it was fun looking. Now that I think about it we probably spent more time eating, drinking coffee and wine than we did shopping!

I have had a fun but really long day. It's past midnight and I just got home from my evening photo tour with Meredith Mullins. More about that on tomorrow's post. Bon nuit or bonne nuit. Take your pick. I'm too tired to look it up!

Funky little cafe inside the flea market

The vintage linens and lace were just beautiful

Peter finds something of interest

Audry Hepburn called, she wants her red dress back.

Last stop, wine at this quaint little bar off rue Mouffetard near our apartment

View from inside.


marley said...

Looks like another nice day in Paris. Glad you got your priorities right - eating and drinking!

I like the look of the old cameras.

Harriet said...

The vintage linens and lace are so gorgeous! Must have been a feast for the eyes. But then again, too much of a good thing can overwhelm the senses.

So glad that you and Peter were finally able to get together.

I can't imagine doing the flea market and the Meredith Mullins tour in one day! You must be beyond exhausted.

Bonne nuit!

Barb said...

looks like another fun day....Barb

Maya said...

I'm loving the cameras!

Judy - So California said...

V, I am having SO MUCH fun seeing your wonderful times. Loving all of your pics!

lady jicky said...

That is such a great flea market , so big.
I cannot believe you left with nothing! LOL

Blind Fly Theater said...

I'd have loved to accompany you and Peter on this flea market trip... it seems a bit different than the experience of one here in the States.
Your skill at capturing breathtaking pics seems to be getting better all the time!
Thanks for sharing your adventures, V!

Ken Mac said...

loove that shot of the wine bar, and the dresses, and the cameras. Oh to be there with you!

Blind Fly Theater said...

PS -- I am falling more and more for that "bar off rue Mouffetard" street photo. It fills me with such calm and joy simultaneously.

Katie said...

Ooooh it looks like you're having such a wonderful time in Paris! I've been following you around, but I've been too busy to comment. The flea market is always a fun way to spend time. Please check the sizes on those dresses because I want them all! Have a Stohrer pain au chocolat for me. Oh how I miss those!

PeterParis said...

Bravo! You managed to post after all! Yes, it was a warm day, so some breaks were welcome! See you soon again for another exhausting walk! :-)

Anonymous said...

Peter is a Swede in Paris? Is that allowed?

Love that cafe and the linens and the... oh heck, I love it all.

WV: brless. You wild woman.

-K- said...

That outdoor wine shop shot is just terrific. And those cameras!

Virginia said...

Peter, I "hit the wall" about 4 this afternoon. The walk up rue Claude Bernard from Mouffetard Market was hard. By Thursday I should be rested and ready! BTW, when I got home at midnight, the rest of our champagne had magically vanished. Quelle surprise!

Yes, I think Peter has paid his dues with hundreds and hundreds of wonderful Paris photos for us all to enjoy.

Wish you were here to shoot with me. You'd have a BALL!

Had pain au chocolat this very morning. We have wonderful patisserie at the corner.

Wish you could be here to enjoy the sights. Glad you are enjoying my photos and Peter's as well.

Guess what? Shoe issues. Good grief!!

Anonymous said...

My morning routine: shower, eat, open paristhoughmylens - your site is my incentive for getting out of bed. Such a delight to live vicariously via you and your family. I am chomping at the bit to get there - see you in just a WEEK!

Anonymous said...

One more question - I'd love to know what Melissa is hauling around in her u-haul...emergency champagne & fois gras?

Harriet said...

Yes, do tell, what is Melissa hauling around?

Are you saving your banner photos somewhere on this blog site so that they will be available for sneak peaks every now and then when we want to reminisce about your trip?

The one that you are now using is just fabulous!

Daryl said...

Oh I would have loved wandering with you ... and that red dress, oh my, I would have wanted it .. red is my color ..

Virginia said...

The shopping cart is loaded with: water, sweaters, wallets, my spare shoes, a few Hot Wheels for Davis, crayons, at any given time: our shopping purchases, groceries,sandwiches for picnics, bottles of wine, Melissa's camera that she hasn't used once here, etc. She bought a huge purse at the Monoprix today so we may be paring down.

Jan said...

If there is a McDonald's on the Champs Elysees, surely a TJ can't be far behind :)

Virginia said...

Jan , the Monoprix and Zara are our answer to a TJ's ( THat's TJ Maxx, NOT Trader Joe's for those of you on the west coast). Melissa and the children have been outfitted from there this week. I spent my clothes money on my photography tour because I'd already done enough damage at TJ's before I left! Are Mike and Riley behaving without me there to check on them?

Bob Crowe said...

You are posting too much for me to keep up! is this the market north of the Peripherique, above Montmartre? I'd go with the cameras, too, if I were there.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I would like to wear the red dress and be in the wine bar scene. Just love that shot so much space.

Eki said...

I could spend hours and hours in a flea market like that ... and those old cameras and lenses had me drooling ...

Jilly said...

How wonderful. I love this market. I have an old French wood burning stove that I bought here yonks ago for all of 5 pounds. I bet those sort of bargains don't exist any more. Love your photos. am off to visit Peter's blog now.

Starman said...

It's bonne nuit. Where did you find the time to do all these posts? I barely have enough time to read them asall.