Thursday, June 4, 2009

Guess Where I Went Today? .... Everywhere!

Palais Royal Metro

Well it's past midnight and I have had another jam- packed day in Paris. Peter and I started the day with a short Metro ride to Butte - aux- Cailles. What a charming neighborhood away from the maddening crowds. We wondered up and down the side streets and photographed doorways and courtyards covered in roses and wisteria. We had a delicious lunch that included a yummy dessert with coffee. I 'm really getting spoiled here. After another long walk around the area, it was compulsory to stop for a glass of wine to get us to the Metro for home.

Back at the apartment Melissa had made a fine dinner of grilled salmon, rice, haricot verts, and tomato, cucumber salad. As we were finishing dinner the phone rang and our friends from Birmingham asked us to join them in the gardens of the Palais Royal, adjacent to their apartment. We jumped right on that idea and were at the Metro in a matter of minutes. We enjoyed a delightful hour or so as the sun was setting in the gardens there with them. They even furnished wine. Spoiled again!!

Enough chatter. Here are the photos to prove what a fine day it was!

The view from our table at lunch

Peter investigates a possible photo opportunity. I caught him in a black and white , vertical shot - a first I think!

A scenic courtyard

Ethan, Davis, Eva and Katherine march around the Pol Bury Fountain

Love thy sister!

Davis, Ethan, Katherine, Eva
Palais Royal Gardens

The Pol Bury Fountain at night


Barb said...

I could get spoiled also,sounds like a wonderful day....Barb

PeterParis said...

Hope you can get a day of relative rest and peace tomorrow! Thanks for the nice day together!

I'm not talking about the person on the photo, but I must admit that the b&w vertical photo is really,autiott really good!

See you soon again!

Harriet said...

That is a wonderful photo of Melissa and children. I can see a need for multiple copies.

As usual, you come home each day with great photos. Job well done!

Rip said...

Is this your last week in Paris, or do you have one more? You seem to capture the absolute most perfect picture moments. Hope all is well.

Bob Crowe said...

Oh, come now. You look up from lunch and see the flower boxes of the 13eme. I see East St. Louis. Well, I suppose that's my responsibility. Really love the "love thy sister"photo - true kid attitude and the tilt adds energy. Keep these rolling in.

lady jicky said...

If you love rose perfumes and you get back to the Palais Royal- look up the little shop called Rosine.

Pat said...

I'm eating up your adventures, with fewer calories than you, but I'd love to have the calories, too!

Virginia said...

Peter, We are off to the Rodin today. I can't wait. You know it's my favorite. I see from the time of your comment, that you were up as late as I was last night. Perhaps the afternoon coffee was the culprit???

Harriet, too many photos I'm afraid. We'll have to find an inexpensive way to make prints!

Lady Jicky,
Ohhh lala. We'll go back for a visit to the perfume shop.

Daryl said...

Oh these are all so wonderful, I personally love the window with its bright flowers

Virginia said...

Rip, We have another 8 days. Yippee. So much to see!!! How is summer vacation? Have your got your schedule and teachers for the Middle School yet?

Oh we have brother/sister moments all the time. That's why we're winos!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so perfect! I adore the courtyard and the windowbox. It looks like you're in a fairy tale and the kids are just adorable!

Starman said...

When you were in the Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood, I hope you stopped at Aimee's tea room (

Babzy.B said...

i like the shot at the fountain with the kids :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

You're making it tough to plump for one over another. That's a good thing, consistent, but the lesser seen vertical just nipped it today. Your night shooting is looking pretty damned hot too.

marley said...

Another great day then! I'm loving the furnishing with wine!

The photo of your two grandkids and the fountain is one of my favourites.

Kim said...

I love seeing the different times of day at this lovely, lovely place. The children really make the scenes come alive, become more real somehow.