Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guess Where We Went Today III ? - The Bird/Flower Market

This afternoon we visited the famous Bird/Fleur Market near Notre Dame. The children had a fabulous time seeing the birds, fish and assorted rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Melissa and I enjoyed the flowers and the quaint gift shops. After that, we ventured across the bridge to Ile St. Louis. Well that was another crowd fest. In a city like Paris, you can get some fabulous glacé on every corner. We were amazed at the long long lines of people queing up for it at a few select shops there today. We did a little window shopping and then crossed back to Notre Dame. Forget getting to see inside that lovely cathedral this time of year. The lines were half way around the block. Not to worry, we found a park and the playground we had visited two years ago. Eva and Davis had some fun on the seesaw and we got a much needed rest! After an unusual encounter in the Metro which I cannot publish on this blog, we made our way home around 6:00.

Tomorrow Peter and I are off to the Paris Flea Market and Melissa and the children are meeting Birmingham friends who arrived today. Tomorrow night I am joining American photographer Meredith Mullins ( see the sidebar) for a photography tour. Stay tuned!

Side Entrance - Notre Dame

Having Fun at the Notre Dame Playground

Plowing through the sea of humanity - Notre Dame

Many Paris chats to be petted


marley said...

Eva wasn't sure whether to pet the cat or lick the ice cream, so she did both! Love it! You all look like you are having a fantastic time, what an experience for the children.

Jane Hards Photography said...

True to form secret twitcher that I am I fell totally for the birds in a row shot. I see another Bresson fan will be with you. The virtual mix today pops with energy and pockets of colour. Of course the suckerpunch last shot so natural, so cute so V as only you can do it.

Maya said...

"After an unusual encounter in the Metro which I cannot publish on this blog" ??? What is that all about? Sounds most mysterious. Can you email me what happened? :-)

Great photos as usual! I had no idea that there were playgrounds near every important landmark in Paris. I guess these are the things you discover when traveling with kids!

Rob said...

Those long lines... but there is relief at the playground. More relief with making a new four legged friend and some ice cream.

Ah, dare we ask about what happened on the Metro?

Anonymous said...

that area has some of the best restaurants. But my god, quelle crowds!

Anonymous said...

Here is a hint at the metro drama, it involved a madame lunatique and exposure of body parts, enough said.


Bob Crowe said...

But was there no one kissing the birds? The kids seem to be having a great time.

How are your French skills coming along?

Rip said...

Thats too bad that all of those people were at Notre Dame. I wonder what the people who built it would be saying , if they saw the hordes of people around it now!

Ken Mac said...

that banner shot is to do for. Hope you are having a grand time, eating and drinking well!

Starman said...

In the ten+ years we've been going to Paris, I've never seen a queue like that at Notre Dame.

PJ said...

I notice the luggage on wheels, I think that's really, really smart. All the things for a successful COMPLETION of the day. You look like you're having so much fun. Keep it up, we're enjoying it too.

Doug said...

I've never been to Paris in the Summer. Your photos and comments have convinced me to not not do so.

Virginia said...

Doug, luckily all of Paris isn't crammed! The area where we are is very nice and quiet. Notre Dame was gorgeous tonight, of course it was closed!HA

That's the shopping cart for the apt. We roll it everywhere so we don't have to lug totes etc. Very handy.

My French skills are just like they were in the states. I say a lot of "s'il vous plaits" and "mercis" and I'm getting along just fine. Well most of the time!Ha Today Peter was my mouthpiece. It's so much easier that way!

Blind Fly Theater said...

That first pic of the three birds is hilarious, not obviously but from the periphery... It just tickles my funny bone.
I love the prospect of visiting Notre Dame, and I get a little taste of it by vicariously living through your shots (and there's that splash of red again). Somehow, I think navigating the sea of humanity at Notre Dame would be a most humane encounter, considering the type of person who enjoys such a place. Thanks V!
PS -- I know Notre Dame is a magical place, but it's quite amazing that you can have "chats" with furry felines there... ;)