Saturday, June 6, 2009

McD á Paree!

Oh I've had a whole lot to say about tourists that come to Paris and stoop to eating at McDonald's. Well "every dog has his day" as we say in the south. It was chilly and rainy and I pulled babysitting duty today while Melissa got some much needed "shopping alone time". By 12:30 I caved. We marched right down rue Claude Bernard to the nearest McD's for lunch. The kids got Happy Meals , which if you can speak French , come with a choice of cherry tomatoes, fries, fresh pineapple ( I think) , or apple/grapes etc. We got fries ( duh!). Somehow there was a breakdown in communication and I got some fancy, schmancy grilled chicken thing on something like a baguette, plus fries (frites) and more apples/grapes. GOOD GRIEF, the tab was 15 euros. You don't want to do the math. The report on the Happy Meal was that it "was just like at home". Instead of a toy, they got a livre (book of puzzles etc. ). I was "happy" about that! I was NOT happy about the fact we could have bought some delicious , fresh sandwiches at the patisserie/boulangerie at the corner for much, much less. Live and learn. C'est la vie or whatever!

P.S. Some of you have asked me if I could EVER leave the camera at home and venture out in Paris without it . I did this afternoon. We visited a ceramics art fair adjacent to the rue Mouffetard street market. I bought a great plate for myself. Sorry you'll never get to see it! ha


Harriet said...

Being away from home for so long is hard, even on adults, so if the trip to McD's made the kids happy, consider it worth the price.

Being a Southerner, I crave ice tea when I'm in France. If McD's served it home-brewed style, I'd be in there! Once as I entered a restaurant in the Dordogne, I saw a pitcher on a table, sitting in the shadows, with a beverage that resembled the color of tea, and I promise, my heart skipped a beat! It turned out to be a rosé wine.

Love your new "portrait".

Virginia said...

I find I don't even think about tea here and have enjoyed some very strong coffee with Peter and added only sugar and not asked for cream. When in Paris....... as they say! ha.
We drink a lot of wine, well we just drink a lot of wine!HA If you and I get to meet in July we'll just .... you know!

Maya said...

This post cracks me up. I remember being in Cologne once and my friend's niece insisting we go to McDonalds. ugh. We caved too.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Have to admit that G has to have a t least one visit to the big M in France. Foe the sweetest images lone the kids can go anytime for me.

Anonymous said...

pomme frites sounds ever so much more elegant than fries.

Starman said...

Who would be dumb enough to suggest going out without a camera?

Harriet said...

RE the ice tea: V, I'll bet you haven't had any killer hot weather, day after day. Those were the conditions of our last trip. Don't get me wrong, I love wine when in France, but there are certain conditions when one longs for some good old Southern ice tea(which I prefer sans sucre).

Don't drink all of the wine in Paris before I get there!

marley said...

Nothing wrong with a Maccie D's on hols, its the un-written law!