Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jet Lag!

Palais Royal

rue Mouffetard
Walking back home to the apartment late one night.

Musée du  Louvre

Today we "jumped the pond" and arrived in Birmingham at about 5:30 pm.  Yes, I'm still up and approaching 24 hours. I'll crash momentarily but wanted you to know that from now, till I return to France in July, I will just be posting 3-4 assorted photos a day. Tonight? Well who knows what I'll pick.  We had a wonderful month in France, the children were troopers and Melissa and I were most of the time! ha Thank you all for following our travels. It has been a wonderful experience sharing it with you from day to day.


Katie said...

Wow, where did the month go? Thank YOU so much for sharing all these lovely photos with us. And please keep the photos coming; we're not ready to leave yet! Good luck with the jetlag; you won't get much sympathy for that ailment.

Maya said...

All three wonderful shots! Makes me wish I had been there with you.

Louis la Vache said...

Day-um, Virginia.
Ah keeps mah sef offa dis blog cuz it makes me soooo day-um heart sick for Paree....

Ah's gotsa news flash fer ya. Yew ain't goin' back in Jul - I. Ah's goin' fer ya. Ah'm worried 'bout yew gettin' jet-lahg agin....

Babzy.B said...

I enjoyed all your photos, thanks for sharing , and your banner is great !!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Think it us who should thank you for sating my appetite for my favourite country. Amazing use of light again. I will fight the mad cow known to us as Louis for the visit to France.

PeterParis said...

So, a few days of "holidays" before your next trip!

I'm not sure about you, but I guess the kids are happy to be back home and to meet dad again!

Harriet said...

Hope you are able to get some sleep and recoup from the jet lag quickly.

You certainly qualify as an "Energizer Bunny" who keeps going and going and going..........

Virginia said...

You need to rest up as well my friend. I've got the NEW LIST going already and I'll be ready to hit the streets. Yes, the children are thirlled to be home but I think Melissa is a little sad. I''m happy to have some down time to regroup but I'm missing Paris already! What? No pain au chocolat for my breakfast this morning???

I got up at around 8 this morning. I'm feeling pretty good. I don't think I qualify as the Energizer Bunny though! I can hardly wait for a pedicure. Lord have mercy!

Louis Darlin',
B just called you the "Mad Cow"!HA

I wished for you many times.

I hope we can work out a meeting in Paris with Janet when I return. I can hear the laughter right now.

Thanks for following my travels and your comments.

Daryl said...

Oh lovely, more photos ....welcome home!

the paris apartment said...

Quel voyage you've had! Thank you for the incredible tour, it was like a fairy tale through your lens!

alice said...

Can't wait for the photos coming! I'll always enjoy to walk down the Parisian streets with you, even in a virtual way...sigh... ;-))

Starman said...

It is we who should thank you for your excellent photographic essays.

Fishinthebrook said...

Virg, glad you are back and the pictures are marvelous. Keep them coming. We're in FLA at the family wedding and will be back Sunday.


Harriet said...

Virginia, could you describe the banner? That is, when you find a moment to catch your breath and after you have pampered those poor tootsies of yours.

Virginia said...

Excusez moi! Bloggers that are sleep deprived should not attempt to change their header at midnight!ha
This is one of the two Pol Bury Fountains at the Palais Royal, one of my favorite places to photograph in Paris. I have shown it on other posts as well. I rather liked the couple I caught in the photo! A happy surprise.

I have a special photo I took just pour tu in Sens! I'll send it along shortly. I'm still getting my photos loaded on this computer. A job for John O., my Mac dude tomorrow. I haven't missed a beat. I 'm back at the Apple Store for my one to one tomorrow!

I still have hope that we will get to stroll again when I come back around the 11th. Pencil me in! ha

Starman and Daryl and PA,

Jilly said...

So here am I catching up and you are home already! i adore all three photographs but the second one, just fabulous! Makes me think of Van Gogh and his bar in Arles or was it St. Remy?