Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paris Rouge XLII- Le Menu

Can you believe that I have posted at LEAST 42 Paris Rouge photos?  Oh I have more, but you'll have to wait.  Today, a charming little wall with a menu that made me stop and take quite a few.  Montmartre ...bien sûr!

Merci to our blog friend Keith at a Taste of Garlic who gave Genie et moi his Official Paris Photographer's Award for the week!  He chose yesterday's waiter photo and Genie for this great shot.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

The menus are always so charming... nothing permanent but written today to be re-written tomorrow... specials from the marché and always fresh... I love red!


M said...

This photo looks like an oil painting! I love the play of light on the menu board. Let's go have lunch there soon! (BTW - I never get tired of red so keep it coming!)

Rob said...

The menu always changes, a quick glance while walking the streets to entice a person to dine. If I could only read the menu without the translation book.

Virginia said...

I'm mastering menus but the meat/sausage still stumps me from time to time. It never hurts to have the book in your pocket. Let's just say the French eat some organs etc. that I'd rather not be surprised with !

Oui, let's meet here for lunch! :)

PeterParis said...

Well, I remember... and we were waiting for you going down the Rue Tholozé! But, you and your photos are worth waiting for! :-)

Starman said...

Where is that waiter? I'm ready to place my order.

Alexa said...

Love it!! I'll have the boudin noir, very very well done and with mashed potatoes. Miam.
I know it's Tuesday, but my WV is "lundi."

Pamela said...

I have no idea what it says but i'm sure it is wonderful!
Love the red!!

Pamela :)

TheChieftess said...

Love the angle/composition V!!!

Virginia said...

You most certainly get to keep your title of , "The Most Patient Man in Paris" and also that of my best friend! ;)

I shot the railing, the welcome, the whole nine yards!

Moi aussi!

You're right, they're always somewhere else when you need 'em!

I'll have to look that on up!