Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Un Après-Midi Sur La Seine

Taken last June on my wonderful evening spent with American/Parisian photographer Meredith Mullins.

Note to self: Next trip......a bottle of champagne needs to be uncorked right here!


Deb said...

Love the shot. It reminds me of the Robert Doisneau photos.

Shell Sherree said...

We'll do our best to remind you!

Katie said...

Beautiful photo. I'll meet you right here V, and I'll happily bring the champagne!

Louis la Vache said...

Fine monochrome image, Virginia!

Rive gauche?

Daryl said...

Love this angle .. and the monochrome suits it perfectly

MadAboutParis said...

I'll go halvsies with you. BTW-my neighborhood bakery just started making macarons - heaven, I'm in heaven!

Starman said...

We went to a picnic on the Seine a couple of years ago. It was in June and it was cold. I wore a leather jacket.

Starman said...

Can you travel between May and July?

Virginia said...

Have toothbrush will travel! :) And the weather in Paris is a constant mystery to me. In June last year the Parisians all had on jackets, not summer but winter. We were in tee shirts. It was cold then hot as hades.

Virginia said...

Rive gauche? Certainement! :)

Are they even halfway good?

Mary and Katie,
Well we'll need more than one bottle, oui??


Oh I am very very very flattered!!

you know my monochromes are often just marginal!

Nishant said...

Beautiful photo.
work at home in india

Alexa said...

Great shot, V! I had many pique-niques here back in the day, and will gladly contribute a bottle of bubbly to yours. Was in Paris one summer—and it was about 40°F on the 4th of July.

♥ E.T. Suzy ♥ said...

Yes, exactly what Debs said. It reminds me of a Robert Doiseneau photo. One in particular that is hanging in my bedroom!