Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion Extra - l'echarpe de Paris!

OK you men can go get a snack or something. The girls and I need to chat about the long awaited scarf. I'm not sure fashion photography is a path I need to follow, but you can get an idea here. The best part? I didn't lay down a pile of Euros at Bon Marché. NON, I bought this is at a little shop on rue Mouffetard for 20 Euros or less, and I could have bought about 10 more! When I put it on , I looked at my friend Mary G. and said, "C'est moi!" I think it might be the single item in my closet that makes me feel chic, girly, flirty, sexy .......all rolled into one. I'd say it was Euros well spent.

( The color is a yummy raspberry color with dots of a goldish green. I don't think the photo color is just right)


Harriet said...

I love it! Great style!

Harriet said...

With magnification, it looks like one of the scarves at the flea market was selling for 55 euros.

Wayne said...

Where are these snacks your'e talking about??????

Sue said...

First time on your blog and your pictures of Paris are stunning....I did a whole series last year called "Weekends in Paris"....each week I posted different aspects of the city that we all love....If you have have the time stop by and they start back on February 19th 2009 and run for 18 weekends....Sue @ Rue-Mouffetard

Virginia said...

How wonderful . I can't wait to relive the rue Mouffetard through your blog. Meric!

Sadly I think last Sunday may be the last time I wear it till fall. IT's almost spring you know.

It' Bring Your Own Snacks

Alexa said...

Wow—what a gorgeous scarf! Reminds me just a bit of a Fortuny scarf I got in Venice—still haven't decided if the color is persimmon or Japonica berry. (I have another in what is definitely claret.)

Louis la Vache said...

Beautiful scarf!

«Louis» really likes the new masthead photo, too!

Katie said...

Stunning scarf! And what a great price. I bought a few scarves on my trip -- I hope I can feel as girly and flirty as you do in your new scarf!

Daryl said...

Love it. I am partial to rubies and having the applique edged in gold thread adds to its glamor.. I wear scarves all the time to keep warmer and to look add color to my basic black or denim

Wear it in the best of health!

Starman said...

I couldn't find the snacks either, so I guess I'll have to comment on l'écharpe . It's pretty nice, as girly things go. Next time, you should put out a variety of macarons.

Virginia said...

Wouldn't you know the two men are waiting around for me to put out the snacks! Some things never change.
PS Bob,I had an American macaron today. Not the same.