Friday, March 19, 2010


The Musée Rodin not only has a fine collection of Auguste Rodin's sculpture, but also features some lovely work by Camille Claudel, his student, the model for many of his pieces, and his lover. Many will argue that her talent rivaled Rodin's. From the source that I used, I will attribute this piece to her. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please let me know. It would be interesting to know if this is a model or an unfinished piece. Perhaps one of you, dear readers with more patience for Google than I, will enlighten us! I liked the afternoon shadows on her face.

If you are visiting Paris and want a museum recommendation, this is one of my most favorites. It's a small, intimate museum in the former Hôtel Biron. The grounds are lovely as well. In fine weather, you can have a nice lunch at the cafe on the grounds. Search this blog for other posts- there are many!


Louis la Vache said...

Virginia, this is one of the best-composed (of the many very well-composed) photos you've posted. Just superb.

Camille Claudel lived on Île-Saint-Louis facing la rive droite. There is a plaque on the house. I'm sending you a photo of the plaque via e-mail.

TheChieftess said...

Is the Jeu de Pomme still open in Paris??? The first time I went to Paris (in '79) I remember going upstairs of the museum and seeing a giant painting by Renoir right at the top of the was magnificent...the lighting in his painting was remarkable...I saw all the great Impressionists Van Gogh, Pisaro, Gauguin, Manet..., all in the same very small was fabulous!!! Then there was the Monet museum...those were the museums I spent gads of time in...

Shell Sherree said...

A beautiful piece and a beautiful photo of it, Virginia! It sounds like a lovely place to visit.

Amanda said...

It is a beautiful, small museum in a very expensive district. Camille was so talented.

Virginia said...

Yes, I believe I've seen her home there!

The Jeu de Paume is still there. I saw a photography exhibit there in 2008. And the Marmatton Monet is another favorite!!!

Yes it is a beautiful musuem. The gardens are lovely as well.

You would love it!

Kathy said...

Trolling a few different neighborhoods today...found your spot...excellent! I look forward to returning...K

Anonymous said...

Love the hands, and the position of the hands.

MadAboutParis said...

There was a movie in 1988 called Camille Claudel:
A very powerful performance by Isabelle Adjani...where has she been lately???

Daryl said...

LOVE the angle, the hands to the mouth, the shadow .. combined effect is magnifique ..

Amanda said...

Mary if you Google IMDB (internet movie data base) and type Isabelle Adjiani's name, it will show her latest movies.

Virginia said...

Welcome to PTML. I hope you will visit often!

Oh I'd love to see that movie.

I found this photo last night. I don't think I'd even given it much of a look previously. That 's what happens when you take thousands in a few months' time.

PeterParis said...

Yes, I guess you have seen the plate on the building... together with me perhaps? I was once lucky and managed to get into the courtyard, but not the flat - it's today occupied by a prominent personality!

Camille was defintiely at least as gifted as Auguste, but, sorry, cannot give an answer to your question; all I can say is that the sculpture is amazing and that you have captured it perfectly well!

Virginia said...

I remembered correctly! I can't believe you couldn't charm your way into the flat! Pushing doors again is my guess. Next visit, maybe you and I will give it another go! :)

I think it's quite haunting in a way. The hands are lovely but the Musée Rodin is full of the most exquisite hands!

Kim said...

This museum is very wonderful with a sunny charm and a very good destination for a hot date ;^). The works are very. . .ah. . . affecting. Yes. Well. Luncheon is wonderful in the garden with a couple furry, purry, friendly kitties wandering the grounds, beautiful garden and wonderful sculptures everywhere. The sunlight in the house, and the lighting on the stair case, the paintings on the walls given by famous friends, Rodin's and Claudel's works, it is still really a home full of art. And V. really captures the feeling of it here in her super photo. The light is so wonderful.

Mary, I saw that film a few years ago and thought Adjiani's portrayal of the uber talented and passionate young Claudel to the older used lover gone mad was just amazing. The last film I saw her in was Monsieur Ibrahim, which I very much liked.

Beautiful, beautiful image, V!

Virginia said...

Well I've never taken a hot date there but it sounds like something I should pursu on my next trip! :) This is one museum I never tire of and I'm pleased that my Eva remembered a few pieces for our trip in 2007!