Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Field Trip, Paris Style

While poking around the shops at Village St. Paul, I spotted this schoolboy at the end of this corridor. He and his friends were giggling and playing, so I walked through to see what they were up to. I found this gaggle of students with their teacher, just leaving the Academie de Magie, balloon animals and all! Shown here previously.


cocoa and coconut said...


Shell Sherree said...

So they have those balloons in Paris, too!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a field trip I wouldn't mind going on!


Laurent said...

The light is gorgeous Virginia. What is you camera ?

Virginia said...

Canon Rebel XTI. I think the nice green light might be a SORTIE sign! :)

I don't think I'd want to be responsible for a group on the narrow streets of Paris and the Metro!!

Oui, balloon animals even.

Les rêves,

claudine said...

J'adore les entrées d'immeubles ! L'académie de magie plaît beaucoup aux enfants! J'aime beaucoup cet endroit !

Virginia said...

Je ne visite pas l'academie de magie. ( correction s'il vous plait!)

claudine said...

Je ne suis jamais allée à l'académie de magie! (voilà la correction!)On ne peut pas dire VISITER ! On visite un musée, une ville, un appartement ...mais on va à l'académie de magie!

Virginia said...

Ahhh, mais français est trés difficle pour moi! Merci! Merci!

claudine said...

C'est vrai que le français est difficile mais vous allez faire des progrès! J'en suis sûre!!
My english is not so good. I make a lot of mistakes! But I keep on trying! My son speaks english fluently !

Daryl said...

I love these .. so much Gallic (sp?) atmosphere

Alexa said...

What a fun field trip! And another wonderful Parisian moment. I recently got a Canon Rebel XTI—maybe one of these days I'll be half as good with mine as you are with yours, V.

Virginia said...

Oh Alexa,
You are so nice to say so but I think your photos are wonderful!

For my readers, Claudine is French and her son is in the US. We have agreed that she will comment en français as a way to help me with my struggling French. I need all of you to help me.

A special "Bonjour" to a wonderful Parisian photographer I"ve met on RedBubble. Jean-Luc Rossier is a talented photographe, r and you can see his work from Paris and around the world here:http://www.redbubble.com/people/rollier
Jean-Luc, I appreciate your visits and the comments you left on RB.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Virginia, I thought that this comment had already posted but it did not. User error, I imagine!

Don't tell your secrets to Laurent. I was fooled by the green light too. All of the colors work so well together. Love it!

Thanks for the link to Jean-Luc on Red Bubble. Great photos, just stunning! Merci!