Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look Up - Notre Dame Cathedral

What would a Sunday Paris church series be without the beautiful Notre Dame! I liked this one of just the steeple and spires. Bon dimanche!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Virginia.
I am doing the blog rounds today and visiting kindred spirits.
I am going to enjoy your series at the moment as am planning a trip to Paris later this year.
- thank you for sharing

cocoa and coconut said...

That sun is fabulous. I love soaking up the sun; but whenever I go overseas I'm extremely surprised by the weakness of the sun compared to here in Australia. That Notre Dame, however, is in no way weak...look at the strength and beauty of the cathederal..

Also, I was wondering, are you taking these images in Paris? Or do you source them from somewhere, or are they a catalogue of old images you've taken? Because you live in the USA, non?

Alexa said...

I'd say this image is an excellent representation of the expression, "God is in the details." Very nice indeed, V!

Daryl said...

Bonne dimanche! And I love that whimsical cloud hanging on to the spire .. like a flag

claudine said...

J'aime beaucoup Notre-Dame et son histoire! Si vous venez à Paris, vous devez visiter cette cathédrale à chaque fois!
Bon dimanche ! (bon and not bonne because dimanche is masculine!)

Virginia said...

These are all my images taken on my trips to Paris. most lately are from my trip in Juneo f this year but often I post older photographs.

oui, we are kindred spirits!


Will I ever learn! HA

Blue skies in Paris are made for shtos like this.

M said...

Great close up of the turrets, V!

Virginia said...

Merci everyone. Glad you liked this up close view!

Owen said...

Notre Dame, I sometimes see it as a beautiful vessel, sailing up the Seine... beautiful from any angle... especially from the angle of your lens...

PeterParis said...

Notre Dame on Sunday. For the mass? :-)

I see that you took the photo from the "back side"; I also think that it's the most beautiful side of Notre Dame.

Virginia said...

What a beautiful way to describe this wonderful church. I will have to remember that!

You know I"ve never attended a service or a concert there, I'd like to do that. Maybe when it's "off season" for the tourists! And you're right, it is the loveliest side of "our lady".

I have not visited the inside in a while. It is often so crowded I can't bear to queue up for that long! This last trip we went inside the lovely little park on the
back side and enjoyed photographing the children playing and the roses in bloom as well as this shot.

I have seen your marvelous blog. I seen to be getting a lot of new readers from Oz! :) I see you're reading V. Archer's new book. I'm headed to Amazon. Time for its release here in the states.

Starman said...

Notre Dame is nice, but the Dom in Frankfurt puts it to shame.

TheChieftess said...

I really like this shot V...I found it difficult to get a good shot of the's so big and so magnificent, it's hard to capture....