Saturday, August 21, 2010

Paris Rouge XXXIII - Buy Your Red Children Right Here!

Oh I'm sure there's a *perfectly good reason to explain why this little street market has this interesting name, but it's more fun to speculate. And for the record, I didn't buy any red children that day (well a few scarves perhaps). Not enough room in my petite valise you know.

* But of course mon ami Richard Nahem has the answer right here!

I'm off to spend the weekend with my Kappa Delta sorority sisters from Auburn, most of whom I've not seen years. I'll be commenting again on Sunday evening.


cocoa and coconut said...

Quoi!?!??! Ça c'est bizarre

alice said...

And this market is situated rue de Bretagne (=Brittany street), an area where you can find some small shops with just three or four bags or vases or necklaces and when you look at the prices, you just fall down asking if you are really out of reality or if some customers are really mad, ha ha!
Enjoy your week end with your copines, Virginia, I can almost hear all of you laugh from here.

Virginia said...

Alice, It's in the marais and i don't think we found those shops......luckily! :) And oui there will be much laughing and taking.

si vrai!

Birdman said...

Enjoy their company!

Alexa said...

I know—and love—this market, not least for its name. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, V!

claudine said...

Grâce à vous, j'apprends beaucoup de choses sur certains endroits de Paris !

Virginia said...

J'ai le plaisir!

Alexa and Birdman,
Merci, I had a wonderful weekend with my dear friends.

Shell Sherree said...

This photo reminds me of a black and white that's been hand-coloured! Beautiful shot, Virginia, and a nice story as well. {Oh, heh, just read my wv: handisd.}

The Shutter said...

I'm so mad that I didn't stop by this market. All of the sudden this place is on my radar and I've only been back one-week.