Monday, August 30, 2010

Passage Vendôme

This charming old passage, built in 1827 can be found near Place de la République. ( I think we were spotted with our cameras, what do you think?)


Petrea Burchard said...

Beautiful perspective.

Are Parisiens sick of tourist cameras yet?

Shane Pollard said...

YES you have been spotted Virginia...but do you know what they said:
"ooo la la - look there's that really famous photograper and we're in HER photo - now WE could be famous too".
What do you think! LOL!!!!!

I will look for that passage next time I go up to Paris - it does look familiar.
I love the sepia perspective.
Take care

Nina said...

Hi there, I read your blog from time to time (I follow on "Bloglovin"). I've been living in Paris for almost 3 years now, and I lived 8 months at Place de la République, so your photo bring back memories for me. I once stood in that passage for 20+ minutes while the rain was pouring down outside, with my 3 big shopping-bags and no umbrella.
;-) Thanks for posting!
The 11ème definitely has some hidden charming parts, nice to be reminded of that, now I live in the 7ème, where basically "everything" is charming and one gets spoiled.

Shell Sherree said...

The light in there looks beautiful, Virginia.

Laurent said...

Yes she definitely spotted the famous Paris Lover !

jennyfreckles said...

Maybe she's worried about the company she keeps! Why is it that in Paris such little alleyways look so lovely whereas in, say, Leeds, they just look tatty? (Maybe the photographer?)

Starman said...

LOVE the Paris passages.

Virginia said...

I love them too!

I don't know, but eveything in Paris looks charming to me!

Ha, it's hard to hide my camera now that I have a longer lens. :)

The light is nice from that skylight isn't it!

I'm so glad you left a comment. I'd not been in this eme till this last trip. It was nice. Lucky you living in Paris. Maybe if I can get myself back, you and I can take a stroll one day.

HA! I'm sure I stick out as a crazy Américain!

I'm sure they're weary but most seem to ignore it, thankfully.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Virginia, great shot and I like the perspective. Did you get down on the floor to take this? Maybe it was not the camera that spooked them but perhaps the American crawling on her stomach to get the shot!

Love the lamps, skylights, and light/dark areas -- wonderful!

claudine said...

J'aime ces passages cachés! On y trouve souvent de vieilles boutiques!

Daryl said...

Looks as if she spotted you .. now if this was a movie they'd have kicked over their table and come a-runnin'.. I know I have an over active imagination

Dario Ferrari Photos said...

What a great photo! Very nice composition!!oh..yes...she's looking at you..!!


En bild för dagen said...

Paris där kan man finna många motiv och miljöer. Du har just funnit en av dem./ Janne

TheChieftess said...

I'm inclined to agree with Genie on this one!!! She's just trying to figure out what you're doing on the floor!!!

Alexa said...

Well, she certainly went out of her way to spot you!
Great shot, V. I love the passages of Paris (worked in one), and this captures the quality of the light so well.

Virginia said...

How wonderful! Yes, the skylight was nice.

I was coming up the stairs I'll have you know! HA


Thanks for your nice comment.

Luckily this was Paris, no one seemed to care!

Cela est vrai!


Belle passage, J' áime!