Friday, August 20, 2010

Un Repas Joyeux Sur La Seine?? - Paris Rouge XXXII

Ahhh the good life in Paris. You stroll along the quay, stop in the shade of the trees and have a little picnic beside the Seine. Imagine my horror when I peered over the wall and spotted this couple... manger un sac de McDonald's! The city of Paris should arrest these people! For what they paid (see prices below) they could have had some nice cheese, a warm baguette and shared a lovely bottle of wine. McDonald's à Paris, une honte!!!

Merci ma chère Eva pour ma photo profil!
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Remember, these prices are in euros!


The Pliers said...

Your photo could actually become famous as a commentary on an entire way of life that is fading way:


could legitimately be its caption.

Great photo!

alice said...

Maybe they are American...ha ha! Personnaly, I have never eaten a hamburger, do you believe that? But I'm much older than them!

Starman said...

Ewwww! McDonald's? Is't that blasphemy?

PeterParis said...

Just back! I have looked through your last posts and again really appreciate your love for Paris and admire the way you show it! ... and of course I fully support your preference for cheese, baguette, wine...!

ADEEYA said...

aww, baby those food looks nice :D and and your picture is sooo cool :D :D i loike

Roseann said...

McDo's? UGH.....

Nathalie H.D. said...

Ah what a shot! The streak of light on the M logo on the paper bag is just perfect.

As for the prices, I have no idea how they compare with the US ones but I've been told eating at MacD's in France is very expensive compared to your country.

Anyway I' rather have a traditional French "jambon beurre" baguette sandwich and fully support Peter's views and yours!!

cocoa and coconut said...

Une vraie honte.. Je suis tout à fait d'accord...ce image est super intéressant et c'est une honte qu'ils mangent le Macdo! Moi, je ne suis pas raffolé par la nourriture de fast-food...c'est trop malsain et je préfererais manger quelque chose plus nourrisant, comme la nourriture traditionelle de la France!

M said...

C'est une crime! In the city of heavenly food eating junk (and expensive junk at that)! Great photo, though!

Shell Sherree said...

I'd supply the handcuffs, V ~ if I had any. Which I don't, of course...

Candlemaker said...

All those bags, looks they bought enough to feed an armee.

Alexa said...

Oh mon Dieu! This is such a great capture, V—and such a sad commentary. As you say, why in the world would you choose to eat this expensive garbage when it's so easy to find simple, fresh, amazing food in Paris? I'll never get it.

Alexa said...

BTW, I love your title for this post!

Anonymous said...

They're eating it because their parents don't.

Those aren't little fast food sacks -- they're practically shopping bags. How many grand macs did they buy, anyway?

Virginia said...

The Pliers,
You are right, a great caption. i hope you're not a dentist! :)

I"m so glad to see you here again. I was just thinking about you the other day and I've been meaning to stop by your blog and also email you. Hurry back! And I can't believe you've never had a hamburger, but i must say the French do a terrible job with them! ;)


Hope you had a good vacation. Glad you approve of my idea of a Paris picnic!

thanks for your comment and visit here.

Yes, McD's in Paris is greatly overpriced!

Les rêves,
Je suis d'accord!


Lock 'em up!

I thought the same thing. How much could they eat??

Glad you "got" the title. :)

Grand macs, that's hilarious.

Daryl said...

The wasted calories .. they must be American ...

Peter van den Besselaar said...

This is a post that I agree with completely!

The Shutter said...

Great capture. Love your blog! Love it! I have some shots on my blog that you might enjoy of your beautiful city.

Virginia said...

I knew you'd feel that way! :)

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope you'll come back often. Glad you agree!

The Shutter,
I think you are new to my blog as well. I'm thrilled to have so many new friends here. I will visit you soon!

TheChieftess said...

The Hubman always teases me when we're traveling in Europe and I groan when I see a Micky D's, KFC, Wendy's etc... He's a pragmatic capitalist and doesn't see the yuckiness of our crappy fast food industry finding a toehold in European countries...I just don't see why they have to import our worst contribution society!!!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Sacrilege! Ah well...they're only young they'll learn. (Some hope methinks!)

I remember years ago, ooh must be 34 to be precise, we were living in Abu Dhabi then and being so astonished to see MacDonald's there!

TheChieftess said...

What amazes me the most about fast food establishments cropping up in Europe, is that people actually eat in them...and not just Americans!!! I don't understand why they're so popular... in America either, but that's another story!!!

Olivier Aloisi said...

Oh come on! Must be American? I'm not even American and to me to stereotype that couple as American is just immature and shows how thick you are if you can't even imagine that other cultures...guess what? Eat other cultures food. Arrogant elitist.