Sunday, May 31, 2009

Val de Grace - Mini Series

Today was another banner photo day in Paris. I started my morning by walking to the lovely Val de Grace church that we oohh and aaahhh over from our windows morning till night. I was just in time for church services at 11:00. I'm not Catholic but I enjoyed every minute of their beautiful service in French. I was fortunate to see a christening ceremony as well. After the service a sweet lady asked me to help her down the stairs. She spoke only French , but somehow I understood her request. I took her photograph then went inside to take some photos after everyone had left. ( Unlike some tourists that marched down the aisle during the service and started snapping photos. FOR THE LOVE!) When I left, she was waiting by the gate and had written her name and address and asked if I would send her the photograph. That made my day. No....that made my entire trip right there. What a dear she was.

Madame Simone - French Stranger Challenge #8

Au revoir Madame!


Harriet said...

Such wonderful photos! Your students in your upcoming workshop are going to want you to take them to Paris.

The side entrance photo to Notre Dame is fantastic.

I hope the crowds dissipate somewhat by July!

marley said...

Oh wow! The first photo is fantastic! Love it!

What a nice lady and the fact she made your day/trip is wonderful.

Jane Hards Photography said...

You absolutely nailed that top shot with the heavenly rays. I burst with joy just pouring through each image.

Maya said...

I love the stranger story. So sweet! All these shots are great as usual, but I especially love that black and white one. Superb!

Starman said...

And yet, Americans still believe the French hate them, or they're arrogant and snobbish.

Blind Fly Theater said...

In my opinion, one of the signs of a great photographer is in capturing the beauty of light. That first photo with the streams of from above is divine (quite appropriate!). And those usually unremarkable folding chairs are miraculously transformed here with the spotlight from Heaven and golden floor reflection.
Au revoir, V
Merci beaucoup!!!