Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Les Pétanque Players- A Mini Series

# 1,2,3,4 of my 100 French Strangers Challenge

A Coatrack Provided For Players

A Discussion Ensued

Very Close

The Ball

The Spectators

The Stance

Today we spent the afternoon at Luxembourg Gardens. We would have gone earlier but we slept till almost noon! I wandered up on the pétanque games and it was fascinating. I pulled up a chair and followed a team of four delightful gentlemen. A very diverse group, they hailed from Martinque, Spain, Portugal and France. As best they could, they took the time to explain the rules and keep me abreast of their score! At one point they even sent me over to an English speaking player for help. Don't be surprised if I return and have more pictures to share.

These are Numbers 1-4 of my 100 French Strangers Challenge

( Remember, in order for them to qualify, I must have some interaction with the subject. This is a real challenge since my French is limited. I'm up for it!.)

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Jill said...

V. what a delightful way to interact with the locals. It's wonderful that they were so eager to share with you and help you understand the rules of the game. I know they take it quite seriously! Did they invite you to try your hand at it?

Again, it is a delight to follow you around Paris!

Judy - So California said...

Oh Virginia! Thanks for fixing this so I can get my two cents worth in! I think you have this whole thing misnamed - I don't think there are ANY strangers where YOU are concerned! After the first five words you've got a new friend. You go girl!

roentare said...

Very good street candid in deed! Wonderful captures in B+W

Virginia said...

I was amazed at how they included me in their game! Watching their interaction with each other, although I didn't understand their comments, made me laugh out loud. They were an absolute delight. The spectators were taking it seriously and I have more photos that maybe I can share later. I'm having a hard time limiting my photos!

Rob said...

Bravo! A great way for your strangers project and immersing into the french language.

I must remember to revisit Luxembourg Gardens and play a match. Just this weekend at our family cabin, we played petanque on an area we cleared just for this game.

Laurent said...

Did you play with them ? I envy you enjoying the gardens while I'm here at the office in the far north suburb !
Weather is bad today but the forecast is good for the rest of the week.

Petrea Burchard said...

Congratulations. What a challenge! (I like the way Judy puts this--no strangers where you are concerned.)

Jilly said...

Finally caught up with you, Virginia. Love your two girls with the cell phones and of course adore the boules photos. Truly I think I could photograph boules players forever - they get in the weirdest positions - well as you know, it's fascinating. Looks like you've a great view from your apartment. Know you are having a ball. And snap on the rain. We had a shower just now but it's terribly hot and humid here. No idea tho what it's doing in Paris.

Looking forward to tomorrow's photos. Bon appetit ce soir.

FishintheBrook said...

OK, Virg, the uninvited guest to the going away party here. Love the pics of the boules game. It is really popular in southern France. BTW, you better get to the World's Largest Flea market in Saint Ouen next weekend. Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. Just outside the periphique at Porte Cigancourt. You'll need all the extra 50 pounds of empty luggage!


Virginia said...

Fish, You were the handsomest man at my party! :) Thanks again for the luggage weighing. I'm working on that flea market you can be sure.

The rain cooled things off for which we are grateful. Now a nice breeze is blowing through the apt. and it's heavenly. I will be back for more pétanque games. The gardens are fairly close to us. Lots more to see there.

We walked in the rain this morning but now it's a gorgeous day and the weather is divine!!!!

Harriet said...

The ball, poised just so, in the hand is my favorite of this series.

Babzy.B said...

Next time i hope you'll play with them ;)

Kim said...

Dear V, How fun to go through your photos posted so far. I couldn't be much more excited unless I were with all of you myself. I adore the silhouette of the church dome at sunset! Bravo. May I ask what street your apt. is on?

Making friends already with the bules players. . .what TOOK you so long. I will look forward to meeting the other subjects of your project. I'm betting keeping to 100 may be impossible :-). I love all these shots, and am wishing you well in keeping up with the volume and all the inspiration that must be present.

Hmmmm. . .how could you have caught a photo of me reading in Luxembourg Gardens yesterday I wonder? That is my hair and my shoes, but on someone much younger :-)
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Jan said...

I think I have "view from our apartment" envy :)

Bob Crowe said...

OMG, I think I saw some of the same guys there last month. You did a much better job shooting it than I did. The last one is priceless.

Unknown said...

Va, so glad you are there safely and seem to have hit the ground running. As an anglofile, I'm looking forward to seeing France through you. Evelyn

Maya said...

Is this like Bocce ball? I used to play that with my grandfather in Germany. Lot's of fun!

Virginia said...

Evelyn and Jan, Whoohoo, thanks for commenting. I have photographed that church dome in all kinds of light. Can't wait to take a walk and see it all first hand.

Bocce and boule and petanque are all the same , I think! My French readers may have to set me straight!

NOw you know I don't believe my shots were better, I just have more of them! HA

I almost stepped over the little fence to get a closer shot but got a grip on myself. I think that's frowned upon!

Kim, Wasn't she lovely? Cut little heels and all!

Nathalie H.D. said...

The boule player stance is a perfect caption and the coat rack is something I had never seen before.

Your pelouse interdite and pelouse autorisée shots are just striking! What a hoot!

And of course those horse riding and ice cream licking shots are so sweet.

Judy - So California said...

V, Now tell me - why do you have to limit your photos? You've got us just wanting more.....and more......and more! Keep 'em coming!

Petanque America said...

Nice pics, Virginia!

I just linked to them from the Pétanque America blog.

Marie-Noyale said...

A plethora of subjects for Photography in that Luxembourg Garden!!
I envy you!