Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guess Where We Went Today II ?

Not another picture, Mumsie!!!

Well doesn't this just say it all? We got this close to the Arch and the sun was in their eyes and....... well you can read it on their faces. After a stroll down the very crowded Champs Elysées we found the Monoprix and had a nice shopping expedition. We wound our way through the masses to Jardins des Tuileries. May I just say it doesn't look like this in March and November?? A sea of humanity. Maybe we can find a time when it's not so crowded!

In addition, I want to take back what I've said previously about learning to count to 100 en français as being a waste of time. When the kids wanted to ride the ponies at Tuileries, the "pony man" and I had an interesting "conversation" about when their ticket number was called. Quarante six et quarante sept! I think he was making fun of me en français but of course I couldn't be sure so I just smiled!

We also found our favorite piece of sculpture: Eric Deitman's "L'ami de personne" (Nobody's Friend) . I photographed Eva here in 2007. Today more photos with brother Davis in the mix.

Tomorrow ( Sunday) we are expecting Birmingham friends to arrive for a 10 day stay! A trip to the Bird Market is planned for the afternoon. We are excited about seeing them and visiting this market for the first time!

( A nice discovery at the Franprix grocery store. A nice gentleman recommended the Tropicana Gazpacho in a carton the other day ( It's amazing to me how someone speaking another language can get their point across!!) . We tried it tonight. Magnifique!!! We are hoping V. Richards will be able to get it at home!)

Nobody's Friend Plus Deux

The Pony Man - # 7 - 100 French Strangers Challenge

Eva and "Nobody's Friend" Redux

Huge Canon Camera Envy - Place de la Concorde


Harriet said...

Those numbers en francais can be a tricky thing. After my first trip to France, I came home with a stead-fast determination to get those down pat! However, the French still trip me up because they speak so very fast.

Rip said...

I remember we went to the bird market when we went. I really, really wanted to take one of the birds back to the hotel and back home, but guess what my mom said?

ParisBob said...

Wow! Your pictures are wonderful. You really have an eye for finding some interesting angles.

It may be just a typo, but the chain grocery store is Franprix, not Fanprix.

Pat said...

Love these photos, the two kids in front of the Arc, l'ami de personne (poor guy), and the biiiiig Canon...

Drooling with jealousy! If I weren't working, Virginia, I'd pop up to spend a little time with you, no kidding!

Anonymous said...

Super models can be so tempermental.
I tried to get around the numbers thing by saying each number individually. You know, room 202 became deux-zero-deux. Big mistake; no one understood.

My favorites today are ponyman and Eva with nobody's friend. How clever you are.

Starman said...

Last summer, we found an orange-mango juice that we loved. When we got back to Florida, we found it at our local market. Not the same brand, but just as good. I think the one in France was Tropicana. Now if we could just find a place that sells Café de Paris blanc-de-blanc.

alice said...

Lovely kids, as usual. And your eye on Paris is so great!
I hope to see you the next time I'm coming in Paris (Wednesday 10th June) , I'm going to send you an e-mail about it.
And I don't know these bird market you speak about, you already know Paris better than me!

marley said...

Another good day was had by all! I really like the photo of Eva and Nobody's Friend. Really nice.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Jumping around all over. Which is my fav, so hard, but the pony man is Mr France.

Rob said...

I remember my Pop on our vacations. Of course those were film days. He would fiddle with his camera for what seemed like an eternity to get the photo. Can't waste film photos. Ah, the memories! Wouldn't it be nice to have that 500D?

Blind Fly Theater said...

Hello V! First of all I must comment on your photographs of Eva with "L'ami de personne". I checked out the 2007 pic, and what a magnificent comparison! Different seasons, both in lives and foliage. Delightful. If deliberate, the similar headdress was clever. I bet you'll juxtapose the two photos in a frame once you're home.
You are most certainly an accomplished photographer, especially when it comes to people and capturing personality (which is the most difficult in my opinion).
Perusing these posts is such a delightful experience. Thanks again, V!