Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Day at Luxembourg Gardens

Everywhere you go in Paris you see people reading.

Eva got 20 rings with her baton!

The French are such.........

rule followers!

All I got was ONE lick!

Peter and Alice can tell you that I have been trying to visit this beautiful place since my first visit in 2007. Well we finally made it today. It's a nice walk from our apartment so we will visit often. We started off with chocolate ice cream cones at the entrance. Then we strolled to the children's play area where Eva and Davis had a terrific time trying out all the fun things to play on. I went to watch pétanque while they played. A few carousel rides learning to catch the rings with the baton and a leisurely walk back home with a few stops for window shopping (most of the shops are closed on Mondays). We rested and headed out for dinner around 7:00. Tomorrow we are shopping at the street market on rue Mouffetard and who knows what else! We are ready to tackle buying Metro passes so we could be on the move.

Added bonus today: Les Pétanque Players


Jill said...

Delightful photos V. Funny about 'keep off the grass'. I know some places that have sprinklers programmed to help the rule-breakers. It is certainly a lovely place to sit and read. I think I'd be doing more watching than reading though. The kids sure seem to have bounced back from jet lag. Great photos of them both. What wonderful memories you and Melissa are making for them. Blessings for another beautiful day!

alice said...

Love your "empty/full"! Yes, French people are less...obedient than others but... the first sign says "forbidden" and the second one says "allowed" ;-)
I'm sure the pétanque players are very proud to see an American woman interested in their game!
And I'm so happy to see the weather is fine, here we have storms and heavy rain.
Ask for advice about Metro pass, several possibilities and not all very interesting for your purse (oh, and take care of your purse of course :-(
Have a lovely day, Virginie! You're going to love la rue Mouffetard. Don't miss the Mosquée rue Daubenton!

Anonymous said...

Great series, especially the girl reading and the spectators.

Your granddaughter looks like you, I think.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love those comparison shots. I can't imagine how you got them.

Victor said...

Love B&W photo of the girl reading. Well done!

Virginia said...

THe empty/ full were right there next to each other. Both areas for sitting on the grass were jam packed and the one with no sitting was completely empty. Amazing.

THe girl reading represents the hundreds of people, young and old sitting quietly reading all over the gardens. It is heartening to know that people do actually read books in their leisure time!

Babzy.B said...

very nices photos , i like the "pelouse interdite et autorisée " and the way you present them with your commentary , brillant !

marley said...

I think you were lucky to get one lick! I love the grass comparison!

lady jicky said...

I am with Marley above me - if I had that great looking ice-cream - you'd be lucky to get one lick too! LOL

Oooo, love the 5th!!!!!

Maya said...

Mmmmm, ice cream, carousels, and reading. Does it get any better than that?