Friday, January 16, 2009

Au Revoir for Now

Today marks the end of my photos from my November, 2008 trip.  Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your nice comments.  Paris Through My Lens will remain here with no new updates until the end of May.  At that time I will be returning to France and will begin posting on a frequent, if not a daily basis!  Feel free to look around and enjoy Paris.  Leave comments if you like,  as I will be reading them daily.  For today, a potpourri of  my last photos!

"One Last Look"

"Trés Chic"
I saved this one for today!
"The Perfect Window - The Perfect Dress"


Peter and Alice, dear French and Swedish  friends, and fine bloggers, that made our trip so much fun and helped us in so many ways!

"That's What Friends Are For"
Peter helps me delete photos from my maxed out memory card so I could take more!!! 

Karen and I enjoy our last omelette avec fromage before we bid au revoir to Paris!


Jill said...

Mme. is indeed and you're pretty chic yourself! Well V. thanks for all the wonderful sights you've shared with us. I've saved some for my desktop (hope you don't mind). Big hugs!!

Hi Peter and Alice, too!! Very nice candid shots of you all.

PeterParis said...

Nice to see you, Karen, Alice ... and remember some nice moments together. See you in May, here and in Paris!

Ken Mac said...

Great way to end it V! Now back to Bham..Thanks for visiting my blog. I have put up before and after pics of 49 and Broadway if you care to see the differences...

Starman said...

Thanks for all the great pictures. We who love Paris salute you and your talent. I, for one, look forward to your new posts and pictures.

Valerie said...

do you need someone to help you carry your bags during your trip in May? Fetch you some bottle water? Cut up your meat for you??? I'd even go so far as to rub your feet! ha! ha!
wish I could go back soon! I'm so jealous!

Virginia said...

How are you with champagne corks? And the foot thing might get you an invitation as well! HA My friends shown here today suffered through my whining about foot ailments the whole time. Warmer weather means sandals. There is hope for me! But never fear, you will get a virtual tour right here!

Merci beucoup mon ami!

Thanks for being such a faithful visitor!!!

Paris when it's warm....what a concept. It's been cold and rainy both of my trips. I think I might like to actually drink a glass of wine outside a bistro for a change!! BTW, I threw that hateful, cheap umbrella away!!!

marley said...

Great photos to end on. I've enjoyed seeing your Paris experience :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

The top shot today really is magnificent. Faultless and unusual take on such a familiar image. Loved them all and nice to see you and Karen bidding us au revoir, not goodbye. It's been a real daily tonic for me, I shall miss my fix terribly. I will top up my addiction with a sneak peak though, so thank you for keeping it up.

Merci Beacoup pour le magnifique images. Bring on May!

Virginia said...

This blog has been a tonic pour moi aussi. It has been sad in a way putting it to bed, but I am full of anticipation for the photographs to come this summer. Thank you for being the faithful commenter every day . Your comments and critiques were so helpful.

alice said...

Vivement le mois de mai, I can't wait for May! So you'll see the marronniers en fleur (the chesnuts trees in blossom), do you remember these trees along les Champs Elysées?

Unknown said...

Virginia, thanks a lot for creating this blog that allowed us to watch all the great photos you've taken in Paris. Looking forward your next updates in May :-)

P.S. 'The Ascent' is breathtaking!

Petrea Burchard said...

Virginia, I've enjoyed these so much. Can't wait for your May trip. I'd prefer to go and take the photos myself, but your joy and humor make a fine proxy.

airplane5312 said...

What?? We were just getting warmed up here. Guess we'll have to wait for the next installment :)

Nathalie H.D. said...

What a beautiful last post! I loved the window with the wedding dress and it's a joy to see all those happy faces too.

I'm glad to think that May isn't that far away, and if all goes well we might be able to meet then.

Till then I'll follow you on your Birmingham DP blog.

Rob said...

Done already, but we will wait anxiously for your return!

tr3nta said...

I'm sad to see that your Paris blog gets to it's end... but I really enjoyed your photos... and for consolation I can always come back and see them again, BRAVO for your blogs.

Virginia said...

You are welcome to roam around here any time. Glad you enjoyed them!

Merci! to all of you for leaving such nice comments. This photojournal was so much fun to do. Not as demanding as BADP. A tout à l'heure!

Ken said...

Thanks for bringing back many fond memories of Paris.
I look forward to your May photos!

get zapped said...

I love "One Last Look", it's ageless. Stunning view through the trees. Look forward to your return trip and more scenes in France.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

How fun to see these!

Mame said...

It's so amazing to see your enthusiasm for Paris in your images. I think they should make you an honorary citizen!

I love the black and white of the Eiffel Tower - magnifique!

Babzy.B said...

Very nice photos of Paris , waiting for your spring photos !

Tussy said...

It is amazing, great view of Eiffel Tower, you got very unique angle of it.

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