Monday, January 12, 2009


"Madame, no photos allowed!"
"Pardonnez-moi, Monsieur!"
American Embassy
( You will remember we spent an interesting afternoon right here!)

" Magnifique!"

"The Interview"
Palais Royal

"Les Deux Nymphes"
les Jardins des Tuileries

This week my friend Peter is featuring the " Sculpture of Tuileries" on his Paris Photo Blog.  He has kindly posted a photo of our Eva with a favorite piece of sculpture from a Swedish artist!  Please jump over to Peter's blog to have a look.


Jill said...

Wonderful shots again V. At least they didn't confiscate your camera! Love the 'interview' and the little guy paying no attention whatsoever. Eva looks so stylish! As does La Tour. What a shot, almost cried!

PeterParis said...

The two nymphs are both lovely, more especially the smaller one! Best regards to Eva, wo today is appearing on two blogs!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I envy Eva the wonderful adventure at such a young age. Perfect cute host to accompany us on our virtual journey. Next time grab an interview.

Karen said...

I am homesick for Paris already and adjusting to the "real" world is difficult. Thanks for your photos. Even though I've been to many of the same places, seeing it from your perspective is a delight.

I'm sorting through my photos. None seem that worthy of posting on their own so I'm just putting them up and writing short commentaries.

marley said...

Neat angle in the Eiffle Tower photo. It makes it look bendy, if you know what I mean.

Unknown said...

Great set! The clouds over the tower look fantastic in brown!

Starman said...

You truly have the eye of an artist.

Ken Mac said...

no photos allowed? You showed em!

Petrea Burchard said...

All I can say is you're cruel to turn me on to another Paris photo blog.

Virginia said...

I'm just the baby in the Paris Photo Blog world. Peter's the pro. Welcome to his fine blog.

Just call me a rebel but not a "maverick" ! I only took it when we had Karen's new passport safely in hand. They don't suffer any fools at the American Embassy!

She was tickled to death to be there on your blog. Merci, mon ami, how very kind of you.

JM, Starman, JIll, Karen, Marley and B,
Merci. I am almost at the end of this grand adventure. Glad you liked these my friends.

Mise said...

I've popped over from Shell's place and I just want to say that I love your captions.