Friday, January 9, 2009


Lobby- Hotel Meurice
rue de Rivoli

"le chien patient"

Square Georges Cain

Saint- Paul- Saint- Louis Church
side entrance- le Marais


PeterParis said...

Really impressed to see the number of good pictures you still have in reserve!!

(I guess you know that Meurice - one of the most fashionable hotels in Paris - was the seat of the German "Kommandatur" of "Gross-Paris" during WW II?)

Virginia said...

How do you remember all of that! You are amazing. And about the "reserve". The well is almost dry. I will need another trip soon!!! And how's you Metro photo coming along for this month? HUM???

Jane Hards Photography said...

Glad I was here after Peter's comments. The reserve will have me googling. I'm glad you have gone with colour for so many of these obvious monochrome images. Why? It has opened my eyes to the tonal ranges of the browns, earth colours. We think of Paris as grey, in a good way,buildings, weather, photographs, cinema which is so atmospheric but it's a revelation to encounter the subtle beige to chocolate brown. Montpellier, Antibes are also like this.

I did the post yesterday in a hissy fit pure fustration over the postponed shoot. Just thought a reality check was needed re photography that a lot of it can be tedious and a hand to mouth existence which sort of blows the romance of the profession. Very precarious livihood, not to be recommend unless you are insane. Of course not as mad an artist!

Katie said...

Virginia my bags are packed, so let's get ourselves back to Paris! I love these photos, but that's a given. I'll have another Paris photo on my blog tomorrow, if you want to continue to join me in crying over the fact that we aren't there!

Virginia said...
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Virginia said...

We are definitely kindred spirits. We're hopeless aren't we!