Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two Doors and a Bistro

" Another Door??"

Artist Jérôme Mésnager's work can be found all over Paris.
Paris DP featured it here.
le Marais

"Yellow Leaves"


roentare said...

The street appears so artistic and moody

Karen said...

Lovely. The leaves were gone when I was there and those are doors that I missed but are so essentially Paris.

I'm home but it will be awhile before I feel it. I'm still on Paris time and having problems adjusting to the US keyboard and not saying "merci" when served a meal.

Yesterday's photos were of a place where I spent a lot of time. It was so near my hotel and I used it for a shortcut most days. I liked peeking through the tinted windows to watch the workers.

I really miss Paris.

Virginia said...
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Virginia said...

Ahhh yes, I said, "Merci" when served a hot dog not long after I returned. My French class starts soon. I hope to improve!!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Have you been having dodgy comments? I have had a rash of them this week. The Bistro reminds me of Montpellier. I recommend that city to all, not touristy, but very French and welcoming.
What is grafitti in one counrty is always art in France re the door.

Virginia said...

Oh B,
I agree , but this is NOT graffiti pour moi. I love the acrobatic feel these have. Gang scrawl is not "art" in my opinion.

Ken Mac said...

i could wander these streets forever

PeterParis said...

I also talked about graffiti and Mésnager (! Have to make some publicity! :-))

Virginia said...

Ah Peter, I should have done a search on your blog! Thanks for adding that for us.

B, No "dodgy" comments, just typos! HA

KM, Paris is your kind of place for sure. Ever been?