Thursday, January 1, 2009



Bonne Année Mes Amis!!!!


alice said...

"Bonne année, bonne santé et le paradis à la fin de votre vie!", that's what my grandmother said. When do you start your new French course? ;-)

Virginia said...

Not soon enough because I must get my dictionary to figure out some of that-HA! paradise till the end of your life??? Jan 20th I hope.
Hugs to you!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I just want to live in the South Of Frnce and visit Paris often. Ah big sigh. Until then I'll visit upon the lovely image here.

Xenodochial Happy New Year

PJ said...

Oui, La Sigh! Aaaaaah!

Starman said...

Bonne Année, madame !

Karen said...

Ahhhh, I watched the last of the blue and for the New Year's Celebration it sparkled in shimmery white.

Less than three days left and I am tearing up at the thought. I'm leaving so much undone that I will have to return to do it all.

Paris has so changed me.

PeterParis said...

As Karen witnessed, the blue is gone!

Bonne Année mon amie!

Virginia said...

Well don't we all wish for that!

PJ, Very big la sigh!

Bleu ou blanc ....manifique, oui? This trip? Night shoot at la tour with a real tripod!

Starman- Thanks for your visits here!

Prepare yourself- reentry is the pits. I'm still not "right"ha

rhymeswithplague said...

What alice said is, "Good year, good health, and paradise at the end of your life." A beautiful wish.