Tuesday, January 6, 2009


" Wary Bookseller"

" le Louvre"

Saint- Paul-Saint-Louis Church
le Marais


Karen said...

Wonderful photos as usual, Virginia.

I am back home after a long tortuous airline journey yesterday.

It will take me a long time to really appreciate all that I experienced in Paris. I'm homesick for it already.

I love travel but I keep leaving pieces of myself in all of the beautiful places I've been and miss the lovely people I have met.

I bet you are looking forward to your trip back this year. I may go with you in spirit and enjoy it vicariously as I do with this blog of yours.

Jill said...

The bookseller's expression is interesting. I assume he was just surprised. Your photos are always a pleasure, your pov always unique.

-K- said...

Beautiful, beautiful photo of St Paul, St Louis Church. I feel like I;m looking at something taken hundreds of years ago.

Jane Hards Photography said...

The bookseller looks very nonplussed. What did you do to him? Each one so different today, but the common thread is you really are doing a grand job. For me PTYL is a real chill zone.

Virginia said...

I think I had just taken a photo of some posters or something and he was just a titch miffed. Nothing too bad. Not one of my best shots.

Thanks for stopping by. Your photos are amazing.