Sunday, January 11, 2009


"Saint Chapelle"

Musée Picasso
March, 2007

" Have a Seat"

Petit artistes - le Petit Palais


Jill said...

V, listen to Babooshka. And I agree with Judy. It is so nice to vicariously tag along with you. I love viewing all your photos. I can just see your sweet gd at school, show-n-tell; 'and here's me at the Museé Picasso..."

PeterParis said...

Ver nice, once more! Where did you find the chairs?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mumsie,

I had forgotten about this photo at the Musee Picasso. I think Eva and I were looking at a sculpture of a person on a bicycle? She looks amused!


Jane Hards Photography said...

If that was the UK those kids would be running riot. I'll take those chairs for the garden. Stained glass is always looks good. The family portrait is a lovely image. Nicely popped in the corner and looking out of the frame. Very natural.

Virginia said...

It was a little square off the road in the Marais. They were just so funky I couldn't pass them by. Neat aren't they.

Not only were they VERY well behaved, they had been standing outside in the rain for quite a while due to a bomb scare! I was so amused by the fact that the photographs all around the room did not send them in to gales of laughing and snickering like they would here in the states. The French do a much better job of exposing their children to art than we do.