Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mercredi at the Palais Royal II

A few more photos from my visit to the Palais Royal.  A walk in the gardens today. 

" Tossing Leaves in the Fountain"
( A personal favorite and 'cute as can be' trumped clarity on this one)

( la sigh!)

"The Watchers"


Olivier said...

une belle façon de nous montrer notre belle capitale. superbe

Unknown said...

Great 'walk in the gardens'!

Happy New Year!

PeterParis said...

I agree, the little girls are really cute!

I guess tat the "watchers" have left... it's a bit cold right now to sit watching!

Ken Mac said...

particularly like the last one with the trees....Happy New Year Virginia!

Karen said...

Bonne Année 2009, Virginia!!!!

I have only 4 more days and I must leave. It has passed way too quickly.

Jane Hards Photography said...

All so good but you know why the last one is the killer image, especially with that bleak title.

Julie said...

Just one of the things I like about the last image, is the upright stance of the closer woman.

Virginia said...

Karen , Bonne Année en Paris est magnifique!!!!!

Yes, the lady in the foreground is definitely taking it all in.

B, I don't know why it's killer but I do know that I do like it. I think it looks rather timeless don't you?

Peter, I am sure these ladies are not bench sitting today with the weather you've had lately. Brrrrr

I am so pleased you like the way I have photographed your beautiful capital. Merci mon ami!

Petrea Burchard said...

Catching up today, Virginia. I particularly love "The Watchers." Black & White is a perfect choice. Although I also like "Amour." (Who doesn't?) It's hard not to be in love in Paris.

Happy new year to you, V.