Monday, December 22, 2008


" Place des Vosges"
le Marais

" View From the Louvre"

" Vineyard"

"The Caricaturist"


Julie said...

Virginia, do you think there is a difference in photographic style in your two main blogs? Not to do with content/topic but the way that you shoot and what it is that you choose to post?

Virginia said...

HA, Julie I really don't know if there is or not. Maybe Paris has more opportunities for more interesting or striking photos than my hometown. Also at BADP, I try and focus more on community photos rather than what just appeals to my eye, although I cheat a lot!
What do you think? I'll be you have something to add and I'd love your take. P.S. If I have a "style" I sure don't know what it is!!

krystyna said...

I enjoyed my time being here.
Paris is so beautiful.
As you said:
le coup de foudre : love at first sight

Great art-job!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I can tell it's the same photographer. As I see by your biog your're a painter first then it's the same premise. Brush strokes and camera stokes will out within our artwork. The difference is the subject matter, the b&w being a case in point the opportunity to play with your natural style shines though.

Your forte is people, the human condition and the that's where the images can be transposed between the blogs as the same photographer. The b'ham blog is a very natural you blog and that's why the people shots would sit so comfortably there where as Paris, not for the location, but the conscious change of style wouldn't.

Alert! Alert! pretentious photographer on the loose.

Julie said...

I suspect that Bham does not offer less to the photographer than does Paris. It is maybe, real life compared with a love affaire! I guess too that the commentary on BDPB tends to "humanise" the photo whereas just a title tends to "artise". To take an example, the images of the Parisian boys playing football/soccer was a very BDPB series of images.

I agree with Babooshka (golly!) that you are a "person" photographer: your affection for humanity reflects out of the image, eg the grump on the steps. Your best landscapes also have this effect: you take a closeup of a larger whole and require the viewer to work to understand your feelings, eg the sentinel.

I suspect that you are not at your artistic best when you think "shit I am supposed to be showing Bham to the world" and cut your cloth accordingly. And then you make a post like the damned red truck ...

Virginia said...

Well, I am at a loss for words, which is really unusual. Maybe in my hometown I have a story to tell. In Paris, I rarely had that luxury. Maybe this next trip will afford me that opportunity. I will need to improve my French and also, be able to spend the time I'd like to get the stories I love. Merci mes amies for your insight. I look forward to Meredith Mullins' "art of the wait". Heaven!

roentare said...

As a candid photography guy, I really like the last shot

Jane Hards Photography said...

See what roentarre just wrote - bears out my thoughts- your forte is the human condition. Babooshka is never wrong - despite what Gary thinks.

Rob said...

Another door? Yes! Doors there are a work of art. I like you B&W shot with the lack of cars in it.

Virginia said...

Holy cow DL, never even noticed that! It was a Sunday morning and it had started some snow flurries which I was unable to capture through the windows. I couldn't figure out how to get outside and then get back in! Missed photo op. Oh well.