Sunday, December 21, 2008


"Street Musician"

"Il est Magique!"

Laduree + Macarons = Delicieux!!

"Down to the Water's Edge"


Karen said...

Wonderful photos. I am loving Paris and the days are just flying by. I think my poor old body is finally getting used to Paris time and I am catching up on sleep.
Last night I took the bus to La Tour Eiffel. Lines too long so I will wait for my friend to arrive to go to the top.
Today I will just wander.

namaki said...

you have some beautiful shots of Paris ! i happen to go there once and a while... my daughter and my sister plus a couple of friends live there but I will always remember my very first time when I was 10 and my godmother treated me a trip to the capital ! It was magic ! the Eiffel Tower, my first Chinese restaurant, the Champs Elysées .... ;-)

PeterParis said...

I hope I didn't exhaust Karen too much the other day! We walked a lot - and even reached the Luxembourg Gardens, unlike some other(s)! :-) Tomorrow she proposed Père Lachaise for a common walk!

We have still a few things to make (hopefully together), when you will be back!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wonderful pictures! I would LOVE to know Paris!

Virginia said...

Namaki, Lucky you and what a wonderful godmother to take you. Hope my photos bring back some nice memories.

Karen-try la tour when it's pouring lines!

Sonia, Merci and you really SHOULD go, trust me!

Oh yes, the new list is growing already. I have increased my walking time so maybe I'll drag YOU all over Paris this visit. Luxembourg will be close to the apt. so I'll bet there we'll be the very first day - at long last! Dare I hope for better weather this time?

Jane Hards Photography said...

My cousin sold her piano for an accordian. My aunt was not amused. She paid for posh piano lessons for the spoilt one not down market accordian lessons. That's what you get for being a snob.Great catch of the pedestrians in motion, but the stairs riverbank image tops the lot. That really is a classy little number, bursting with angles, shadows and CB touches.

(I have to find out now if my cousin still has that accordian. If she has I want it.)

roentare said...

Paris through your eyes truely rock! Great shots as usual and I love this blog :)

Victor said...

Love the portrait of the street musician. The style of your photo really captures the essence of busking.

roentare said...

The streets look so unique and interesting