Monday, December 15, 2008

Mid Month Theme: Subway Day

As most of you know, Birmingham lacks a rapid transit system.  Before I left for Paris, I asked if I could join the prestigious "Mid Month Theme- Subway Day" group if I could capture a decent Metro photo while I was there.  My friend Peter graciously accepted my offer and slyly passed his photo entry for December off to moi!  Today my photo is on Peter's Paris blog and I am most honored to be sitting there amongst all of his fabulous Paris photos. Here, I post a few more Metro/Subway photos to continue the theme.   Thanks everyone for letting me jump in with your group!!  Who knows, maybe there will be more Paris Metro photos in my future.  Peter, we'll negotiate, oui? Please visit the other Mid Month Theme: Subway  blogs below:

This lovely man in the beret was such a dear.  Even though he and I could not really converse  he managed to show me that we were on the wrong "side".  We ran around and I  quickly snapped this from across the tracks.  Merci monsieur!!!

This festive Metro stop is near le Palais Royal

Paris 2007,  my favorite Metro photo from that trip.
My daughter Melissa and Eva

I love the beautiful lamps in this one

*My sincere thanks to my friend Bob Crowe for working a little Photoshop magic on some of these.  A tripod is not an option in the Metro so ...well you know what was wrong don't you!


Anonymous said...

V, I am loving the chance to "catch up" with you in Paris. Your photos are wonderful - ALL of THEM! Merci!!!

stromsjo said...

Thanks for sharing, Virginia.

Happy subway day !

Jill said...

Wonderful Metro sights. That golden glow is magical. Your D and GD shot is so sweet, makes me smile. And your photo on PHO is so interesting and intriguing. Perhaps Babooshka will fill us in with her continuing story...

Unknown said...

Great subway shots! The decoration at the entrance near Palais Royal is fantastic!

PeterParis said...

Nice, nice!! Thanks for doing my "job" this month ... and maybe some coming months! (Please save some photos!)

I'm especially happy that you took these photos as it's obviously forbidden to take photos in the Paris metro. (I know, I didn't tell you.) I have been stopped twice! :-)

(Obviously Ming and Gerak have omitted to make their mtro posts today - at least for the moment.)

Thérèse said...

"Waiting" La Madeleine, a very interesting picture.

Virginia said...

Well Peter, if I had been stopped for taking photos you would have had the job of bailing me out! HA Guess we all got lucky. I don't have but one photo left if I recall, so you better get busy this month my friend!

I am trying to talk Peter into posting one of his great Paris photos on this blog one day soon. What do you all think???

Thanks, it's been a lot of fun.

Jill, Oh B. could weave more of her story for sure. THanks, I love the 2007 photo so much. The seemingly nude man on the poster was a happy surprise when I loaded the photos. Only in Paris!

Therese, glad you like it.

Judy, You're back. We have missed you. Hope your son is improving .

JM, I thought it was decorated for Christmas! It is magical all year long apparently.

Ming the Merciless said...

Thanks for the reminder, Virginia.

I managed to "work" the subway theme into my original photo so no major changes were required.

Glad to have you as our guest blogger this month. Also super-glad that you weren't handcuffed and shackled by les polis for ILLEGALLY taking photos inside the subway stations.

Virginia said...

OH Ming, you made a great save at the last minute. How thoughtful of Peter to save that important info about the photo ban in the Metro until AFTER I got some photos for this month!!! Thankfully he didn't have to serve as my interpreter for les polis!

tr3nta said...

Wow this subway station is really something...

Rob said...

not to mention tripods are so bulky to carry around everywhere. My favorite part of Paris was the M4etro itself; the trains, stations, and maps. I enjoy your last photo, inside, the light is perfect!