Saturday, December 20, 2008


"The Sentinel"
Montmartre Cemetery

"In Full Bloom"
Square Georges Cain - Marais

"Street Vendor"
le Marais
(Selling roasted chickens is serious business)

I lived here in another life.


Julie said...

In full bloom is so witty, Virginia.

Unknown said...

You have chosen a fantastic building to live in no matter what life it is (or was)! :-) Wonderful shots!

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful shots!

Jane Hards Photography said...

In full bloom is very cheeky. I would live there in any lifetime, but preferably now. He has a very intense look. Marvellous Frenchman. Looks like he is having a philosophical debate when he actually seliing chickens. Passionate people about everything. Nicely put together pot pouri of Parisian scenes from your American in Paris collection.

Petrea Burchard said...

I agree with Julie. Very witty.

Oh and if you lived in that building, we were roommates.

Ken Mac said...

was that bird real, Virginia? Spooky. And your former home, hey, that's my former place! More gorgeous shots of the city I hope to visit one day. And isn't Rchrd's work great?

Virginia said...

Were we neighbors with Petrea? OH my what fun we had. I think I had a wonderful husband that whispered sweet French endearments in my ear, but I can't prove it. And yes, RIchard is a photographer extraordinaire! Thanks for putting his site on yours. I have him on my sidebar as well.

Victor said...

You know how good "The Sentinel" is right??