Monday, December 8, 2008


" Friendly Street Market Vendor"

"Les Vins"
( For the CDP crowd that has been begging for vin. You know who you are!)

"The Waiter"

"Grand Window"


Jill said...

I love "the waiter" photo, intent on his work, and the cycle whizing by. And all those controversial outdoor heaters. Grandpa is wonderful. Would this as magical if it were taken elsewhere? Thanks V for wondrous images.

alice said...

I'm still enjoying la balade parisienne, Virginia. The restaurant was Le 5 mars (= March 05,the day theyve opened, I guess), in rue Verneuil (where Serge Gainsbourg lived for many years). And yes, the bowl was large!

Julie said...

For me, the blur of the scooter transforms this image. Was it serendipitous? It emphasises the walkway of the cafe and seems to put the waiter himself into slow motion. Add to this the myriad of curves ... not bad, V. Not bad at all.

Unknown said...

The waiter, the wine (lol!)
... ça c'est Paris, bien sure! :-) Great shots, V.!
I see you've been at the Montmartre cemetery! :-) Beautiful composition too.

Karen said...

Keep 'em coming. I am loving all of your Paris photos. The market vendor and the waiter are similar to two photos I took last year in the south of France.

My heart is just aching to return. I wrote the other day on my main blog, "If I left my heart in San Francisco so many years ago, I left my soul in France."

You have inspired me to finally post my pics from that trip. Thanks.

Only 1 week until departure.

PeterParis said...

Finally I have the chance to come and see your Paris blog!

You certainly have the right feeling for the right photos and the right atmosphere!

I remember seeing you taking a few of these photos (I mean incl. previous posts), but you have made something special out of them! Bravo!

Eki said...

In this post, "Le Vins" and the "Waiter" are my fave, V. Great works!

Virginia said...

Peter, you watched me take a LOT of these and waited patiently while I fiddled around with my camera, got down and couldn't get back up etc.! HA I saved my night shots till you were home so you could get a chuckle out of them as well. They aren't as bad as we originally thought, but probably not as sharp as yours using that FINE tripod of yours!! Maybe Santa will bring you a "real" one :)

Eki & JM,
Merci. So you like the vin aussi! Dusty Lens will be most thrilled and Babooshka of course!

Julie, You call it serendipity, I call it good old fashioned luck. Either way, the scooter did add an unexpected element.

Karen, Hope you have a lot of memory cards.

Alice, So the chanteuse is your favorite so far???

Jill, I replaced Grand-pere at midnight. Don't ask. I am crazy!HA

Rob said...

Grazie signorina, ma mi perfer vino rosso.

None of that bubbly stuff for me, Cotes du Rhone, if you please!

Virginia said...

DL, I wasn't planning on sharing the bubbly! All we need is some good French bread. I really miss their bread don't you? I might be having some sooner than I thought. :)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Break the baguette, bring on the brie and pass me a bottle. I'm late I'm catching up. I'm so boring the photogrpher but it's the waiter for me. Is this intentional but the simplicity of the title for that shot was just, so, well French.

Virginia said...

B. We didn't wait on you but there are so many bottles waiting on us! Oh DL ate all the b read but we'll get more. So glad you joined us

Petrea Burchard said...

That "waiter" shot - the arched ceiling. There's nothing like Paris.