Saturday, December 13, 2008


la Madeleine
"Nombre Onze"
le Marais

" Oohhh la la!"
Place des Vosges

"Deux Chaises"
Les Jardins des Tuileries


Jill said...

Nice shot of another man on steps. How does Paris manage to have flowers in November? Love the crooked light. And is that some kind of body stocking? (Doesn't look anything like my long underwear) and Les Deux Chaises are calling me... thank you!

Jane Hards Photography said...

The man is waiting for the meloncholoy girl from a previous photo. They arranged the wrong set of steps to meet. Love the ooh la la's today. Sexy if a little cold for this time of year. Bugger the cold it's Paris. Those empty chairs are awating the arrival of the young couple who will meet shortly. I am slightly mad I know.

Karen said...

More great photos.. I love "Waiting".

I leave in 2 more days.. but a cold & cough has hit me.. first time in years and lousy timing.. My house sitters are here and it's odd having all this activity in my normally quiet home.. The cats are afraid of the poor old harmless dog who has moved in and my kitchen is chaos as is my sleeping patterns.

I think I need Paris so I can rest & recover..

Virginia said...

No R& R in Paris and don't expect the weather to help your cold. Drink lots of vin and you'll be fine!

B, there were people "waiting"' of just maybe sitting and enjoying the scenery everywhere. I myself sat in one of those lovely chairs with my Ipod on just taking in all the activity in Tuileries and snapping the occasional photo. What better way to spend an afternoon, oui?

There were balconies spilling over with geraniums, and every kind of flower. I do not know how they were surviving. Only in Paris......

Marco Crupi said...

Very good photo ;D

Ming the Merciless said...

Your Parisian photos are all so wonderful. Am loving all of them.

Victor said...

Love the 2 chairs!