Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spell Check!

Just say, "YES" to a Parisian Strip Tease!!

I was fascinated with their wide selection of colorful letters and the display wall from the minute we walked in the store.

Merci, near the Bastille, is Paris' newest concept store. Created by Marie- France and Bernard Cohen, founders of the fabulous Bonpoint children's stores, all proceeds (after breaking even) are donated to a co op for young women in Madagascar. This part loft, part library, part clothing and garden shop has a little something for everyone, from trés chic home accessories and furnishings to colored pencils artfully displayed. Need a shopping break? Stop in the cozy coffee shop or have lunch downstairs in the cafe. Regardless, plan to spend a lot of time here! Today a taste of Merci. More to come!

Want to puchase one of the words on the wall? Well you can certainly have it, but I hope you have around 800-900 euros in your pocket!

I am pleased to announce that Linda Donahue , editor of has chosen another of my Paris street portraits for a recent article here.


Lesya said...

This stuff is fascinating, I love the design and I can't believe that those things cost so much!))
By the way, do you speak French fluently? And how long have you been studying this language?

Shell Sherree said...

What fun!! If one was handy with a router and jigsaw {chain saw? wire cutter? I have no idea...} one could cut out letters and paint them and Voila! On the other hand, maybe the price is not too bad after all. :)

Virginia, your gorgeous calendar from your giveaway arrived today, so speaking of Merci: MERCI!!! The size is perfect and it is adorable ~ beautiful ~ I'm so lucky and you're very generous indeed! Mwah. x

Harriet said...

800 - 900 euros per word!!! Is this indicative of the prices in the store?

It's a fun wall but obviously they want to keep all the words.

Virginia said...

I do so hope Peter stops by here today and I'll let him tell you about my French! HA It is an ongoing joke about how I speak a fine mixture of français, anglais and sign language! I had two years in high school many years ago and have had one night course. I know the "niceties" and menus but wish I spoke it better. My southern accent gives it a whole new twist as well!

I am thrilled you like the calendar my friend!

I agree!

Laurent said...

I see with your header that you enjoyed the Musée d'Art Moderne!
Thanks for your nice comment for my blog anniversary and of course I am sure we will finally have that drink in Paris.

Starman said...

I read about Merci some time ago. One of the first things mentioned was it's a bit pricey.

Daryl said...

Oh we have some letters from an old theatre marquee ... no room to hang them now but they used to reside on the oh so chic brick wall in our teensy studio apartment .. I wonder where ToonMan put them...

PeterParis said...

Virginia was hoping for my stopping by... I think that there is nothing to add to Virginia's own description of how she manages in French! It's exactly this ... and it works ... with a lot of charm! :-)

DW Quilt Art said...

When my daughter was in Paris for a semester abroad, visiting Merci was an absolute highlight and delight, and for me through her pictures, and now yours. Combined with my love for typography, I am longing and drooling via this lovely picture.

♥ E.T. Suzy ♥ said...

800-900 euros? As fantastic as these letters are, I can get all sorts of letters at the craft store for less than $5 each.

These photos, however, are priceless!!!

Louis la Vache said...

This looks like it is a store where one could have great fun! «Louis» hopes it will still be there when he's able to introduce Mme la Vache to Paris!

(She's never been there...)

Virginia said...

Yes, we loved the exhibit. Thanks for the hot tip.

I was enamored with the letters as well. I wanted them all......till I saw the prix!

There's no telling where Toonman put those letters. And BTW, see your new photo shows off that new camera. Very nice!

Oh you are ever the diplomatic Swede!:) But I know what you are really thinking. And my so called "charm" didn't really work on the waitress at Ladurée, did it! :)

Yep it's mighty pricey. Even the items on sale were out of my league.

Owen said...

Excellent, love all those letters waiting to become words... like some of the refrigerator word games I've seen in the US...

Virginia said...

Exactly. I wanted to get in there and play with them all and have fun making French /English words!

Maya said...

Looks like a shop right up my alley! If I had gone with J and J to Paree today, I probably would have insisted on going here (they are probably glad I'm not along)!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I love MERCI ♥ I found it when I was in Paris in amazing concept, and so lovely to walk around.scrup