Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing for Euros

I'm usually a bit hesitant to snap photos in the Metro. I caught this one on the fly as you can see. I rather enjoy the musicians that hop on and off . They're usually pretty good and friendly, especially if you give them a coin or two. If I take a photograph I always try and return the favor.

The boys below were part of a larger group and were practicing outside Église Saint- Germain- de-Pres.


Janet M Kincaid said...

Lovely! Hope you're enjoying Paris in the winter. Wish we were going to be joining you.

Starman said...

Too bad we're going to just miss you, but there's always la prochaine fois.

Maya said...

I enjoy snapping shots of the musicians too. I feel I have to give them a few coins for this though.

Louis la Vache said...

Musicians who play in the Métro stations (as oppossed to those who hop on and off the trains) have to audition and be approved the the governing authority of the Métro. This is one reason why you often hear really good music in the stations. The musicians hopping on and off the trains usually aren't sanctioned and keep moving, hoping to stay (as it were) one step ahead of "the law."

Blind Fly Theater said...

Hello V! And wishing a happily delightful 2010 to you and your family!
I just love to see and experience street musicians while out and about. One of my (only) favorite photos of myself is standing with my arm around one while he plays his accordion at a local art festival.

Anonymous said...

They audition? I had no idea, but you're both right, I've always found the music to be surprisingly good.

Virginia said...

C'est dommage!

Yes, you are right, the Metro musicians do audition and they are really very good.

I'd love to see that photo!

Hold down the fort while I'm gone.

J and Maya,
I'm sorry too. We'll miss you. Perhaps I'll race Peter to the dome this time? Oh sure!! :)

I hope to start blogging from Paris Friday at some point. I have to get there first!!!

Daryl said...

Ah that young musician has the pose down/'tude on .. now he needs to get his notes down

V said...


I love the black & white photograph the imagery is just beautiful. You caught a moment in time. Lovely site you have. V