Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McGuffey's in Paris?

Our first day in Paris, we covered a lot of territory. We stopped at Shakespeare and Co. on the Left Bank to poke around ( and warm up). While I was standing in line to purchase the latest issue of Paris Magazine ( that I can only find at S& Co), the rest of the group found the back staircase and were lucky enough to see the upstairs of this interesting place. Outside I spotted this old suitcase stuffed with books. I seem to have a "thing" about old luggage. Maybe that's because I've been without mine too many times in Paris lately! You might also spy a well known Paris blogger here as well. Apparently we both found our way into each other's photos that day!


Jilly said...

Oh yes....I share your love of old suitcases and books.Beautiful close-up. Forever fascinating. And I love the photo of the divine Peter outside Shakespeare and Company - so works in B and W. Two super shots, Virginia.

PeterParis said...

So, I have already been recognised! :-)

I was so pleased to do this walk with the three of you, impressed by your energy after a long flight ... and despite the very cold weather! So, next time, you mast take the time to go upstairs!

Owen said...

Shakespeare's is wonderful, and so close to Notre Dame and the back streets of the Latin Quarter... in the heart of Paris. Haven't been in a while, will have to get back there... thanks for the reminder, and another glimpse of Peter... before long I'll recognize him when I bump into him on the street one day...

Shell Sherree said...

I love that old suitcase, too, Virginia! And your photo of Peter outside S & Co. looks like it could have been taken years ago. Timeless!

Virginia said...

Well the "Divine" Peter has been spotted! :) And yes, next time I will go up and have a look around! I'm not sure that was "energy" or just the adrenaline rush of being back in Paris that day. We may have been running on empty, but we were still running!

MadAboutParis said...

Ah oui - the DIVINE Peter, a gal's best friend in Paris!
We didn't spot George Whitman, but here's a little video to give you an idea of how "special" he is:

Starman said...

I wish I had that kind of energy. Mine seems to be lessening with each passing week.

Daryl said...

There was a Shakespeare & Co on the corner of Broadway/81st Street for many years before Barnes & Noble, Borders et al ended the lives of those sweet specialty bookshops in NYC ..

Unknown said...

Great detail!

Virginia said...

I"m just home. How on earth can I be dreaming of another trip back so soon? La sigh.

Louis la Vache said...

Six degrees of separation, huh?! ;-)

«Louis» was wondering if you put those columns in the masthead photo cuz you knew it would tweak his nose a little?!


Petrea Burchard said...

Must put this on my list for the next trip. We ran so hard on the first trip--you can't see everything in 8 days, but we tried!

Virginia said...

No, 8 days is not enough time for Paris. I'm not sure there is enough time unless you just pack up and move there. Now that's thought!! :)

Now you know I wouldn't ruffle your feathers for the whole wide world!

Small bookstores are the best aren't they! S & Co. is so very tiny and always full of customers that it is hard to get around and see everytihing, but worth the trip!

I can't watch George burn his hair again. That was certainly one of the weirdest things I've watched!

Is Peter "timeless" or the photo? HA

I hope we get to meet you and shoot some on my next trip to Paris!

Starman said...

We're already planning our next trip also. We hope to do a really ambitious trip this time to include Barcelona, Frankfurt and Paris. You may recall the last time, we ended up in Canada. I hope this one goes a bit better and further.