Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cimetière Père- Lachaise

Just home and it's been a very long day, but wanted to give you at least one new photo. Friday, we toured the well known Cimetière Père - Lachaise. We were lucky to have our own expert, Mary Gilbert, right there to give us all the interesting tidbits. Today's photo is dedicated to you Mar, for planning such a great trip for us!


Jilly said...

Welcome home, Virginia. Loved yesterday's dog and hope he got collected soon after your shot.

I could spent an entire holiday vacation in this cemetery - alive not dead! Am really looking forward to your shots your here. This one is gorgeous. How utterly beautiful it is here. I adore old cemeteries, especially this one.

Kim said...

Glad you are home. . .wait, I mean sorry you are home, but glad at least if you were going home you got there safe. I'm sure you would have rather stayed another month. Thanks for sharing your very fun adventures and I look forward to seeing more of your pix as you put them up.

Dianne said...

just found your site whilst browsing around = the photo of Pere Lachaise reminded me of my visit a few months ago = a beautiful cimetiere. I also love all things french, photography,painting a volunteer worker and Grand-mere of 4 gorgeous grandchildren. so we have lots in common. oh and I adore macarons !!

Louis la Vache said...

Alas, this is a stop in Paris «Louis» didn't make when he lived there - and every time he sees a photo of it, he wishes he had. Incentive for a trip to Paris! OUI!

Harriet said...

Welcome home! Hope you are able to get some rest today.

MadAboutParis said...

Awwwwwwwww Virg - merci mille fois. I missed you & Mary this morning - having our tea and Mamie Nova Coconut Yogurt while we planned our day.
We appreciated your role as "Sainte Photo"...bon dimanche!

Starman said...

Last time I was there, I caught some people leaving flowers on the marker for Oscar Wilde.

StyleSpy said...

Welcome home, V. Hope you stashed a macaron in your suitcase to help you deal with the withdrawal.

Virginia said...

Non, they just aren't good 'leftover'. I miss them though.

oui, Oscar Wilde's grave with all the lipstick kisses! I didn't leave one. Perhaps I should have. I have a photo for you.

I loved getting to talk with you this time as well. Our conversations make me want to visit Menton so very much. Thanks for the calls!

Saint Photo!HAR

You would love this cemetery.

Oui, oui! We d o have a lot in common. Come back and visit often.

I'll try.

Thanks, I left some more of my heart in Paris!

Virginia said...

I've been asked about security at CDG. NO body scans, the security check was just the same as the US. Maybe I don't fit the "terrorist" profile, ya think???

Katie said...

Welcome home! (Ok, so I know that returning home from Paris is bittersweet.) Lovely photo. The mossy green really makes this photo magical. I was lucky enough to visit the cemetery back in the 80s when Jim Morrison's grave was a hang-out (not that I hung out there, but it was interesting to see all the groupies). I was last there a few years ago with a friend and as we were searching for Edith Piaf's grave he asked "Is she the one who invented Rice-A-Roni?" I think he was kidding, but I don't think he actually knew who Piaf was. Lovely place to visit, in all seasons!

Harriet said...

Another great banner photo!

Richard and I are considering a March/April trip to Paris...we'll see....

Virginia said...

Now I can go into packing mode pour toi! :) If you go then remember that parapluie!

It's so hard to leave, oui?

Judy - So California said...

Hey V - Welcome to this side of the Pond! Thanks for being our tour guide extraordinaire. You've done it again. I am with Jilly - I hope the beautiful dog got to go inside and warm up soon after yesterday's picture.

Julie said...

Love this pathway through the cemetery, VJ. It is a very glorious place to wander.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's hard to explain Pere LaChaise to folks who haven't been there. I found it to be beautiful beyond words.

Virginia said...

I agree. I"m still not a stalwart cemetery fan. I always find things to photograph but it's not my very favorite place to go. I can appreciate the lovely details etc, but I always feel like an intruder with my camera.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's true. I didn't take many pictures there. I put the camera down and just took it all in. I think that's also partly due to the fact that the French seem to frown on taking pictures in a cemetery!