Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pop the Corks!

Salut! I've saved this nice selection especially for you this New Year's Eve.

This is Legrand Filles & Fils, located at 1 rue de la Banque in the 2ème, it's a wonderful place to visit and perhaps select some nice wine, liquor, candy or even a thimble sized bottle of Heinz ketchup at a champagne prix!!!

When I get to Paris, I promise I will toast you all with a glass of champagne ( but probably not this pricey!)

Bonne Année !

If you're craving some real Heinz ketchup for those frites, you'll pay 2.16 usd for this doll sized bottle. Oh just wait till you get home. There are too many divine things to taste in Paris!!!


lady jicky said...

Happy New Year from Australia. Its going to be 100f tonight.
Its sooo HOT!

Shell Sherree said...

What a beautiful choice to see in the New Year, Virginia!! Here's to much love and laughter for 2010. x

{Fortunately it isn't 100F tonight where I am in Australia ~ poor Lady Jicky ~ argh.}

villa said...

Que en el próximo año se cumplan todos tus sueños.

Feliz 2010.

Louis la Vache said...

Have you checked out the wine and spirits at Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann? It's part of the fabulous grocery department in that store. Oh, my!

StyleSpy said...

Whyever would you want ketchup when the frites are salty, crispy perfection on their own? If you really need to dunk them in something, how about some nice, garlicky broth from your moules?

Bonne année, Virginia! Thanks for all the beautiful photos this year.

Starman said...

Y'all might be interested in this:
Bonne Année! 7

Virginia said...

Lady Jicky and Shsh,
Aww I forget about you having summer right now. Get a pretty fan and fan yourselves while you sip your New Year's champagne!

NOW i see that you are counting down the days for me. Merci. I will look at the link but I know already it will make me wish I were there this very day/night!

You're right and you know what? I have a moules photo for you I'll post soon. Yum, the juice is the best!

Felize 2010

I've not been there or the one at Bon Marche. Shame on me!

Virginia said...

Oh fun. I can maybe see what la tour has to show off at midnight there? Check here tomorrow. I'll have a bit of fireworks myself!

Harriet said...

Bonne Année!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Bonne Annee from the UK...oh I know there are so many fantastic foods to taste in Paris ..I miss it there.

nanny said...

Happy New Year!