Monday, December 14, 2009

100 French Strangers - Les Bijoutiers

French Stranger #49

Saturday on my Birmingham blog, I had a few more of my 100 Strangers. Today I thought we'd take a little trip to the countryside of France to find two more of my 100 French Strangers. The top photo is a jewelry artist we met in Troyes, France. The bottom photo is a young man selling jewelry outside of a shop in Sens. Strangers 49 and 50, and I have a few more to share. Perhaps my next trip I'll find the rest? I think I'll have to improve my French or my charm, one or the other to capture that many. We'll see!

French Stranger #50


Shell Sherree said...

It can't possibly be a lack of charm, Virginia!!! I love the little hearts dangling from the red umbrella ~ and what lovely smiles both your strangers wear!

Anonymous said...

I really like bachelor number 1. He's tres beau.

Starman said...

Damned Google Chrome. I just discovered that comments I thought were posted, were not. One was about the Galeries Lafayette lights. They don't change color, but they do have a kind of light show where the lights get a lot brighter and a bit dimmer. I check it in person and let you know.

PeterParis said...

Don't worry about the charm! Shall we try to speak only French during your coming visit?

Starman is mor or less right! Lights go out partly and come back in waves (same decoration this year).

Louis la Vache said...

Both «Louis» et Mme la Vache are enjoying the changing photos in your masthead.

Virginia said...

You know as well as I do that mon français ........c'est dommage. I'm back with my French in Your Car tapes and I am getting better. Perhaps I need to hone my charm for emergencies!! :) Oh and of course my sign language that you find so amusing! ( Well it helps you know!)

Glad you like them.

It's spectacular no matter what the lights do. I was completely unaware that they changed at all. Guess I was star struck!

Shell and Hiker,
WEll you know.........:)

Maya said...

Good stranger shots (natch). My parents are either in Troyes or Paris as I type! I hope they are having as much fun as you always do!

My WV: unreek. Hah!