Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paris Rouge XII

OK , when I get my Paris apartment, I want doors just like these! :)

Joyeux Noël ! Aujourd'hui un peu le rouge á Paris pour vous!

I don't know about this place. I'm guessing you can get your fill of bratwurst and beer 24/7 - 7/7 and......NONSTOP! Then again maybe it's French ?
( Perhaps my German connection, JB, will enlighten us)


jb said...

Karlsbräu is the French arm of the (German) Karlsberg brewery group. Not to be mistaken for the Danish Carlsberg brewery group.
Looks like a regular (apart from the frantic 24/7/Rock around the clock stuff) brasserie/cafe to me, though.

Starman said...

Isn't this the restaurant on the Place de la Républic? It used to be called La Taverne something-or-other. We had a very funny experience there one night.

Shell Sherree said...

Uh-oh. I'm starting to run out of superlatives when describing your photos, V!!

Virginia said...

Merci JB! So I guess you all can forget the bratwurst but swill that beer 24/7-7/7 Nonstop!!

It's across the street from E. Dillherin's.

You're a dear!

Stephanie A. Mann said...

In the background you can see the sign for "Au Pied de Cochon" so this is part of the all day/all night life of Les Halles! French Onion Soup and Pigs' Feet any time you want! St. Eustache isn't far away either and the area where Parisians bring their dogs to play and greet each other is just around the corner! What a memory-provoking photo: Thank you very much.

DW Quilt Art said...

Ah, those doors make my heart beat faster! Beautiful!

Harriet said...

Fabulous photo of those fabulous doors!

Virginia said...

Your are so right. I've still not had the onion soup there. I wonder if it's any better than other places??

I knew you'd like them!

Aren't they so great and so rouge!

Alexa said...

V—would you mind very much if my Paris apartment-to-be had the exact same doors? (I always love your Paris rouge shots, btw.)

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» remembers seeing the Taverene on his visits to Dehillerin. «Louis» bought many a baking utensil at Dehillerin! Never set foot in the tavern.

Absolutely fabulous doors, Virginia.