Tuesday, December 15, 2009

le Marchand de Vin

My kind of place!

And may I wish my friend Starman a grand bon voyage! They leave for Paris tomorrow and will spend Christmas in the City of Lights. What could be more wonderful? I hopePeter and I can share a sip with them there before they leave Paris!!


alice said...

Hope everyone has warm socks, gloves, scarfs and hats in his suitcase, it's very cold here in the moment!

Laurent said...

I do confirm what Alice says, it is freezing in Paris. Le Marchand de Vin will be tasted inside !

Virginia said...

Alice, Not to worry, a very warm coat and gloves and many many many scarves!!:)

This would have been a good spot for a glass this past summer when there was no air conditioning! (Something I still haven't gotten use to!) I see by my weather widget that it's 0 c in Paris right this minute. Brrrrrr! Stay warm.

Shell Sherree said...

That's my kind of place too, Virginia!

Happy travels, Starman ~ and V, I hope your wish comes true. ;)

StyleSpy said...

Oh, I am longing to be in Paris at Christmas. Maybe next year... (Although I do not like the cold.)

Daryl said...

Another storybook monochrome ..

Louis la Vache said...

The baking school «Louis» attended in Paris (Bercy, 12 eme), is in an old, restored wine warehouse. Bercy was once the main shipping port for French wines grown outside of Bordeaux. The wines travelled down the Seine to la Manche and then on to points around the globe...

Anonymous said...

Are you headed to Paris?

Virginia said...

Peut-être! :)

I'd hate to drag you around Paris avec moi. I"m not sure you'd be welcome in most places but we might need to hook up sometime! :)

DAMN, I wasted it on the middle of the week. Should have saved it for Monochrome Weekend! HA

Oh you'll love Paris when it's cold. Then you can wrap up in a cool scarf and feel really "in". In the warm weather they still wrap up but I was always sweltering and couldn't keep up! Southern girls do not do well in Paris when it sizzles!!!

Mais oui!!!

Alexa said...

My kind too! The b&w gives this a nice vintage feel.
Bon voyage to lucky Starman—and I also hope you get your wish, Virginia!