Wednesday, December 16, 2009

100 French Strangers Challenge - Les Dames et la Jeune Fille

French Stranger #51

If you have followed my 100 French Stranger quest you know that I have had much better luck with the men! That said, today I have proof that the French women were also quite friendly, well except for these !

The jeune fille in the top photo was seated next to me at a café one afternoon. We had a nice chat, and she was kind enough to let me take her picture before she scooted off for an interview.

These nice ladies below, were visiting through this open window in the little town of Nogent sur Seine, FR.

French Strangers # 52-53


Shell Sherree said...

What expressions you've captured, Virginia ~ delightful!!

Harriet said...

I don't think that I would ever tire of going into Galeries Lafayette at Christmas time, or perhaps any other time either! Love this banner.

Anonymous said...

She's lovely. Hope someday she sees this portrait.

Daryl said...

What fabulous faces, V, you have a knack for portraiture!

Maya said...

Wow, that top woman epitomizes what French women look like to me. She is lovely. The only thing different would be that she is dressed fairly conservatively for an interview. Most women are more dressed up!