Saturday, May 23, 2015

La fourchette

As is often the case, I become so enamored with the photos, I fail to get the name. This Left Bank café caught my eye and even with three photos, no name. Pardon, I am a photographer, not Rick Steves!

UPDATE: Merci to my kind reader Jean-Marie who give us the name and location of this rest.

Le Christine
1 rue Christine
75006 Paris 


Splenderosa said...

Beautiful, Virginia. I totally get it.
And, you are definitely a wonderful photographer!

Unknown said...

Pardon but a petit correction: it is la fourchette (feminine)!

William Kendall said...

C'etait tres belle!

Kate said...

Love the way the flowers complement the color of the door.

Jean-Marie said...

Virginia, Info and location:
Restaurant Le Christine
Dans le 6e arrondissement de Paris, entre Saint-Michel et Saint-Germain-des-Prés, "Le Christine"
on Rue Christine, just blocks south of the Seine.
1 Rue Christine, 75006 Paris, France

Shell Sherree said...

A gorgeous spot, a beautiful photo ~ and this will forever be La Fourchette to me. Hugs to you and Meepsie. x0

Lynette said...

It's a lovely photo, Virginia. Easy to see why it caught your eye.

Alexa said...

Good to know the name of this place, but it would have been really funny if it were actually called La Fourchette, n'est-ce pas?