Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Paris Rouge VII

Un peu
Arc de Triomphe
March, 2007

Today it is Rouge in Paris and Birmingham!

A very special MERCI goes to my friend and talented as all get out artist, Shellsherree! She has taken one of my photographs and turned it into something quite delightful. See for yourself right here!

et beaucoup!
Place des Vosges
November 2008


Shell Sherree said...

Thanks a thousand-fold, Virginia ~ it was easy to come up with something when I had your gorgeous photo to work with!!

Love these Rouge photos ~ they are stunners.

Laurent said...

Hello ! What do you want to say by "un peau" ? isn't it "un peu" (a lillte) ? "peau" means "skin".

Virginia said...

I am so flattered to have my photo used. Your work is delightful!

AHhhh, merci for correcting me. I've made the change now. Late night blogging is risky!:)

Daryl said...

Oh the Arc simply takes my breath away .. those chairs are so perfect... J'adore!

Harriet said...

Thanks for the link to Shell Sherree.

Your photos make me long to be in Paris en ce moment!

Virginia said...

Moi aussi !!!!

The Arch was photographed in March, 2007 in a pouring, freezing rain as I sprinted across the Champs Elyesees!!! Whew!

Starman said...

It must have been quite chilly they've already brought out the heaters at Place des Vosges.

Virginia said...

You don't miss a trick do you!? :) i've gone back and added the dates when both were taken. Place des Vosges was last November. You keep me on my toes! I need that.

vicki archer said...

Love that cafe in the Place des Vosges...xv

StyleSpy said...

Oh, how beautiful. There is nothing like that silvery winter paris light, is there?